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Monday, 20 August 2018

Scavo-Technologies holding a market sale for fundraising (ICO REVIEW)

The popularity and need for cryptocurrency is now growing. With That comes the demand for folks to mine cryptocurrency. Scavo Technologies is creating an eco friendly cryptocurrency exploration procedure. As time goes , the problem of mining a cryptocurrency usually raises. This induces a rise in electricity use to mine . Today, there's a large quantity of power used to mine coins across the world. Scavo Technologies can be found in Argentina, and they intend to construct self sustaining mining places employing renewable energy like water, solar, and end.

Scavo Technologies is now holding a market sale for fundraising. There are lots of advantages related to being a token holder. Eighty percent of mining earnings will be dispersed to token holders together with the remaining twenty per cent being used for reinvestment to the operation involving the purchase and upkeep of equipment. Thirty percent of earnings from this could possibly be spread to token holders too. The token sale began on July 15th, and will operate till October 31st of the year. There's a maximum token distribution of two hundred thousand tokens.aspects.

The autonomous mining device is a ready to mine device including all the essential hardware, an energetic and active cooling system, it's about for electricity, has an information management centre for information management, also has video recording capacities. This makes it effortless to begin mining for coins at a brand new site. Another facet of the approach is your energy producing unit. This will deliver capability to the mining components by using solar, wind, hydro electricity, or comparable. Any extra energy generated will be transmitted to the local energy firm for monetization. The next facet into the Scavo Technologies plan is a unified information centre. By making their own electricity stations, they remove much doubt about fluctuation of energy rates. It also needs to reduce prices and thus raise mining profitability.

Scavo Technologies will be producing an environmentally Efficient method for cryptocurrency mining that's sustainably for the long term. business model. Cryptocurrency looks like it's here to stay, also with That comes the demand for effective cryptocurrency mining operations for example Scavo Technologies. The group is also quite experienced. To read more About their ideas and business strategies, please make certain to see their Site and whitepaper that are given below.


The SCAVO token generated during the first coin difficulty (ICO) will Be Accustomed to Generate profits which will be distributed in line with the needs Of this Scavo Technologies company model.

SCAVO technology relies on the industrial version of SCAVO tokens. Each From everything that's handled for a life (provided that he retains the Token), that is the period where gains exceed the operating expenses

The Used to make quantifiable and independent mining facilities which utilize Renewable energy resources to create electricity.

SCAVO Technologies will fund the construction of the Whole system that Forms the mining centre by capturing and dispersing SCAVO tokens

The Maximum quantity which may be monitored during the ICO procedure (such as PreICO) since the greatest goal from the technical record is $83.6 Million.

The minimal quantity (defined as the minimal goal in specialized records ) is $500,000.

Token detail:

Platform: Ethereum
Token code: SCAVO
Total supply: 200,000,000
Price 1SCAVO = 1USD
Soft capacity: 500,000
Hard capacity: 83,600,000

Start date
15 Jul 2018 00:00 UTC
End date
20 Jul 2018 23:00 UTC

Start date
21 Jul 2018 00:00 UTC
End date
31 Oct 2018 23:00 UTC

To join ICO :

More information about projects that you can follow:WEBSITE 
 FACEBOOK: https: // www SCAVOTechnologies / 


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