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Sunday, 26 August 2018

MoolyaCoin-blockchain-based entrepreneurship ecosystem

Hay, my friend, this discussion about an entrepreneurial platform that will help us in running and achieving success in the business world, this platform as accommodation in the business ecosystem, this platform is called "MoolyaCoin" 
What is MoolyaCoin

MoolyaCoin is a blockchain-based entrepreneurship ecosystem that will offer learning, support, market, opportunities, law, and value-add into your community of consumers. This platform is a guarantee of empowerment for every trader, businessman to make them better than before, In compliance with their definition, Moolya involves establishing the platform to accommodate associations, entrepreneurs, and institutions that constitute the ecosystem of alliance to ensure company accomplishment. Of course the good news offered by Moolyacoin, we can be more controlled in making every decision in our business

Moolyacoin is a ERC20 token of an patent pending advanced SaaS system, that combines interaction network, market and on-demand support platforms that provide solutions utilizing the Ethereum blockchain frame and's platform. Moolyacoin utilizes smart contract to help their users, so that they can focus more on doing business, indirectly the school will provide us with excellent benefits such as increasing investment and attracting consumers, these are only a small part of the benefits offered by Moolyacoin

How Can Moolya Work?

Among the dependable ways a startup can construct a long-term, sustainable competitive edge in business would be to transition out of building a product into creating a stage. On a stage you let parties many methods to link to a merchandise and render solutions, so they could leverage your core product and build along with it by stretching themselves. In effect, you construct an ecosystem around your product, enlarging the benefits of your merchandise to your own users yourself and partners -- Your customers get the advantage of a wider set of attributes, your

Spouses can leverage your system to reach more customers, and you also profit from"renting out" your heart resources. To fully grasp how moolya platform functions one must know its characteristics, business design, earnings procedures as well as the collaborative possibility between the electronic communities.

The ecosystem strategy to eventually become the first international comprehensive electronic platform to adapt the users:

Service suppliers
Additional enablers such as teachers, professionals, and spouses

Moolyacoin to integrate the all-feature approach in platfrom, so that all users get the benefits of professional services in the ecosystem offered by the moolya

From this, Moolya targets encouraging the rise of complementary products by providing them a powerful presence within the marketplace through their network impact protocolOn the flip side, Moolya will rely upon a social network impact protocol that's constructed to help boost the use of a startup merchandise within a specific set of consumers and hence, raising the value of its corresponding product.

Product Readiness

Moolya digital ecosystem model was already started from January 2018, built using intellectual property, has officially been introduced to the public


In the businesses in the startup sector, Moolya stands out with some unique features and most importantly blockchain usage. But Molya does not guarantee an instant increase, because all need an inner process to succeed

Team core

tim Moolya consists of architects, domain experts, evangelists, mentors, advisers, and engineers with experience as teachers for the market business.


Overall the road map for Moolya looks pretty solid and with years of market analysis and research included in the project, it's safe to say this can turn into an attractive business in the long run.

Globally Relevant utilizes intuitive user viewing module, localisation consciousness and neighborhood business principles, handled by hand-picked Worldwide enablers like anchors, advisers, teachers, professionals, captains and spouses

Comprehensive moolya system for market, collaborate, innovate, commerce and support Vast Array of startup functions

ICO crowdsale info

Token Ticker: MOOLYA
Soft Cap: 3 million USD
Hard Cap: 25 million USD

Pre-Sale: 10th July 2018 – 10th Aug 2018
Rate: 0.06 USD
Coins offered: 10,000,000 MOOLYA, Bonus: 25%

Private-Sale: 1st Sep 2018  – 15th Nov 2018
Rate: 0.06 USD
Tokens to sell: 270,000,000 MOOLYA, Bonus : 20%
The Sale will end if we hit the HARD cap

Crowd-Sale: 1st Dec 2018 – 15th Jan 2019
Tokens to sell: 200,000,000 MOOLYA
Rate: 0.06 USD
Bonus Coins: 5%
The Sale will end when we hit the HARD cap

Coin Price in ICO: 1 MOOLYA = 0.06 USD,
An averaged USD->ETH conversion value will be considered for allocation.
The same will be notified by email to all registered backers.

Minimum Investment: 0.2 ETH / 100 USD (Pre-Sale & Crowd-Sale)
Currencies Accepted: ETH, USD
Token Delivery Date: Within 48 hours of receipt of ETH and Tx hash / USD from KYC completed User (KYC has to be completed within 30 days of registration)

Left over coins : All left-over coins offered in the ICO will be burned after the ICO ends. Unused coins will rolled-over to next stage.

To join ICO visit the following link:

To get more info about MoolyaCoin, please visit several sites below:




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