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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

LIOS -encourages peer-to-peer commerce for digital conten (ICO review)

in the content world a content has great value for content creators. copyright is a pride for a creator, this guarantees all their work, but now freedom has seized that value, where everyone can take and copy freely the work of someone, in this discussion I will give a little information about the platfrom berekosistem in entertainment world, especially digital conten, To solve the copyright issues by using the blockchain technology and to Allow all to take part in LIOS CRYPTO-ECOSYSTEM as a customer, In order to achieve our mission, we uphold the Principles of transparency and co-prosperity through honest profit sharing.

LIOS pltafrom

To the point

LIOS platform is an ecosystem that encourages peer-to-peer commerce for digital content hosted on the LIOS market. LIOS platform is made up of multi-block database, SaaS and OpenNMT, and provides digital information trading, program development and advanced language technology based on artificial intelligence. These components combine to produce a Hyper-connected system that produces synergy. To fix the issues increased SYSTRAN initiates system is a Open Source (LIOS) using all the linguistic intelligence, the mix OpenNMT and blockchain technology.

The LIOS platform offers an innovative cycle that uses modern technology, a fast and inexpensive set of products and an improved technology for language verification, as well as an equitable distribution of profits in a transparent manner. Each transaction is performed between users of the LIOS platform as quickly and safely as possible, without any monitoring systems, this avoids problems with scammers.

OpenNMT is a open source project to the evolution of speech intellect, and also the Harvard University team on natural language processing (NLP) and SYSTRAN established in 2016. OpenNMT made significant technological accomplishments and lively contributions of research and users on the part of large numbers of programmers and specialists around the world and ranks 26th from 8 800 jobs within the area of artificial intelligence. The trade version on the LIOS stage differs. Is going to be the trade data for transport arrangements and transfer, transactions, software that follow the corrections of their translations and trades services that both of these versions are combined in a variety of ways.

Lios" the production and delivery of copyright materials protected by copyright / distribution of copyrighted material or obtaining copyrighted material, registration and development / purchase software / growth and check services / utilization of services / payment systems, Each kind exchanges real values using overlays and repeats, also it's a Hiper translator that's designed as a translation procedure for many processes between individuals, men and women in the machine, or systems at the LIO system (LIO) behaving as the default environment in the Hyper-Translation Procedure. Hyper-Translation isn't just guaranteed copyright, but the production and distribution of material from the database of this blockchain, but in addition contains the reproduction of their value and procedure for trade on the industry subsystem, which can be assembled into the ecosystem. It may be categorized chiefly as"

The pricing work based upon the blocking function of the distribution of values from the system LIOS Platform to execute the true model. By providing a virtuous cycle which divides related technology, a speedy and affordable set of services and products, and acceptable gain supply in a transparent fashion, the LIOS ecosystem will have sustainability and higher scalability.

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