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Thursday, 12 July 2018

VOISE-the music industry and the decentralized platform

I would like to share with you an of the decentralized platform created for musicians and all music connoisseurs.Voise is not currently attracting funds

What is Voise

Voise is an anonymous and anonymous blockchain platform compatible with custom tokens ecosystem - based on Ethereum smart contracts for operations with innovative solutions driven by criptomonedas for the music industry to allow artists to monetize their work on the collaborative P2P market.The whole industry depends on artists and musicians who create works of art. They spend most of their lives on creative activities, to produce melodies and songs that are loved by almost every human being on the planet. Increasing use of electronic media and connected devices makes it important for artists, those who do not have record labels or media houses that support it are forced to find their own way to distribute the music they create. While the online distribution platform and content distribution have made it easy for artists to make their work available to the masses.

voise monetize their work on the collaborative P2P market. They can set prices for their work, routes provide free tasting and seek support from music fans and users on the platform.Voise has done extensive industry research to identify problems, allowing users to search for artists, albums, genres, playlists or songs by name.

The Voise platform is designed to enhance the music industry and the decentralized platform offers unprecedented levels of flexibility for key shareholders as a payment method and the global nature of the platform due to the universal nature of the platform and the cryptocurrency blockchain technology, VOISE offers a decentralized application model that has been demonstrated in the music industry. Thus, the use of the blockchain and the smart contract in VOISE allows the platform to overcome all the challenges presented.

So far this platform has created important strategic partnerships with some of the leading blockchain organizations and businesses.VOISE has achieved many things in the days following its launch and with detailed development plans, will soon present new features in future versions of the platform, the platform aims to expand collaboration with other players in the market, integrating the verification systems of the Coinomi and Tick artists. The VOISE platform will soon be available for smartphones and tablets with Android and Apple.

VOISE tokens are already listed on some of the major exchange platforms. The VOISE team will be registered in multiple digital exchanges and will be available on all digital currency markets.
Tokens and functionality
The VOISE platform is based on the Ethereum protocol and uses the original ERC20 VOISE token for transactions on the platform. The token specifications are as follows
Token Name: Token Voise (Voise)
Total supply: 825,578,000 Voises
decimal 8
Contract address: 0x83eEA00D838f92dEC4D1475697B9f4D3537b56E3
Feeding style: deflation
format: compatible with ERC2


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