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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Ubex- decentralized marketing exchange that combine neural networks using blockchain technologies (ICO review)

Ubex thinks  3 participants in the World marketing ecosystem is customers, advertisers, and publishers   so far have been still facing a Variety of Issues with the current promotion systems, for example: Automate the discussion of entrepreneurs' supplies and publishers' sites Employing all available data from marketing participants and websites within the market, give a prediction of possible earnings and also a chance to accumulate it beforehand in the event the reputation is large enough.

Ubex is an decentralized marketing exchange that intends to combine neural networks using blockchain technologies for successful interaction between entrepreneurs and website owners that supply cubes for advertisements on their own sources, choosing the most applicable information for your visitor, where businesses advertise efficiently, while publishers tokenize advertising slots in their own resources

When blockchain technologies arrived, a lot of things changed, to get better, Significantly lower commissions by simply removing the middlemen The Fever around cryptocurrency is growing, people have learned about it, and also an increasing number of people wish to discover more about it, and discover a means to become part of it.

So many companies have enhanced, so a number of businesses have begun using crypto monies in their job. The new ideas are arriving daily. Folks wish to spend in the newest jobs. We've got the largest tool in the planet, and it's known as the world wide web. The world wide web is a huge foundation of advice where we could do anything else. Internet has linked the whole world.

Ubex's goals' to handle the dilemma of low confidence in purchasing electronic partitioning. Intelligent contracts create the connection of advertisers and publishers as honest and transparent as possible; it also assists in restricting the risks for many parties. Together with the use of this kind of approach, Ubex enables passing from the traditional pay-per-click strategy to the payment system for concentrated activities; the many reasonable and fascinating version for promoters. Advertisers can buy advertisement slots using the Ubex system mechanically. Payment isalso, nevertheless, made upon source of targeted activities by customers. Publicizing procurement occurs progressively with programmable invention based on neural systems together with the usage of intelligent contracts.

Use of smart contract is a worldwide decentralized currency of programmatic advertisements based on neural networks and intelligent contracts. Ubex supplies an alteration in promotion system from conventional non invasive strategy to the payment of targeted activities. Advertisers may mechanically buy ad slots employing the Ubex program. Payment consists of fulfilment of targeted activities by clients. To make a international advertising ecosystem using a high degree of mutual confidence and maximum efficacy.

. Remove all direct connections between publishers and advertisers using intelligent contracts for all sorts of monitoring, thus increasing the financial efficiency of collaboration. Grow a multi-layered method of platform player standing Score THE MISSION Make an Chance for publishers to tokenize advertisement slots Implement a method of score publishers and advertisers, which can be saved from the blockchain together with the entire history of the operations, to avoid fraud and to allow a mechanism of managing the most trusted partners. THE Issues Using neural networks and gathered data, pick the most relevant advertisements content in any given time in time to a certain consumer, optimizing the likelihood of getting desired benefits.


Ticker: UBEX
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH
Token Sale start: May 21
Tokens Sale end: August 13
Maximum limit (Hard Cap): 24,000 ETH
Minimum limit (Soft Cap): 4,000 ETH
KYC (Know Your Customer): Obligatory
Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
Restrictions: Citizens and residents of the USA, Iran and North Korea can not participate
Accepted Coins: Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum
Tokens issued: 4,000,000,000 UBEX tokens
Tokens not sold: will be destroyed

To join ICO UBEX here: https://www.ubex.com/?ref_id=b1196e4d5f25b0c1c3e45ee482191aad

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://www.ubex.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-en.pdf?1535
Facebook:- https://web.facebook.com/UbexAl/?_rdc=1&_rdr
Medium:- https://medium.com/ubex
Reddit:- https://www.reddit.com/user/UbexAl
Telegram:- https://t.me/UbexAI
Twitter:- https://twitter.com/ubex_ai/
Bitcointalk:- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3393244
LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/ubex-ai/
YouTube:- https://www.youtube.com/c/UbexAI
Github:- https://github.com/ubex-ai


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