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Monday, 30 July 2018

CINDX platfrom multifunctional to investors, traders, assetmanagers and vendors

Hay, everyone, my discussion this time about platfrom with a collection of professional people in terms of investment and trade, I am interested in what they offer, without much effort to learn, because in this platfrom everything is provided, ok, go ahead:


CINDX is a new multifunctional platfrom trading utilizing deep blockchain technology to ecosystem on investors, traders, asset managers and vendors, Cindx as professional who already has many hours of flying and also a reliable ability in the field of buying and selling crypto currency.Tenology Decentralization and smart contracts allow you to manage your wallets without transferring funds to managers. .

CINDX develops an ecosystem which allows any investor to choose a trader and/or asset manager to manage their portfolio and securely trade their cryptofunds for a reasonable success fee.Investors join to synchronize their transactions with the best players in the market.CINDX platform an management investment  , which allows managers and investors to easily manage cryptocurrency tools and without risk.


Platform features support you to  which ensures that you will find the right manager for you. Decentralization and intellectual contracts allow you to all your crypto assets are stored in your wallet at any time and manage your wallet without transferring funds to managers.

In CindX You following the best manager with complete and transparent history of each manager, Manage your personal funds in the market money and in the cryptic market. commissions and low cost and Trabotayte with any means.

How does it work

Investors come by bringing in the capital crypto that effectively managing their assets by a professional trader, every,  traders earn a fee for its success, a failure to encourage investors in understanding the market and trading strategy. CINDX earns commissions for the commission to succeed and subscribe to the terminal.

ICO and Token detail:

Token: CINX
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 58,000,000 CINX
Price: 1 CINX = 1USD
Soft cap: 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Ico start : 08.08.2018- Completion: 27.09.2018 with bonus
week 1 -15%
Week 2 - 10%
Week 3 - 7%
Week 4 - 5%
Week 5 - 3%

To join ICO visit link:



To get more info on CINDX, visit some of the following sites:



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