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Monday, 14 May 2018

SIMMITRI-Energy Economy built for the future

Energy Economy built for the future. Born within an elite solar company now known as SIMMITRI

What is theSimmitri

simmitri token cryptocurrency yang dihasilkan dari dalam "SimBox" and is theeconomic bridge that will fast track such relationship, providing a self-sufficient and decentralized network powered by artificial intelligence (AI), communicated through Internet of Things (IoT) and audited by blockchain technology. simmitri built to balance power between the consumer, prosumer, innovators and utilities. With the mission of continuing to build strong community relationships while restoring the "balance of power" and moving towards the 21st century

Simmitri is an artificial intelligence that makes the SimBox a synchrophaser,, smart meter and a crpytocurrency mining rig all in one. The Ai measures the flow of electricity through the building’s grid in real time, allowing users to actively manage and avoid disruptions and detect inefficiencies. The sensors across the network communicate with the grid and modify electricity use during peak times, thereby relaxing the workload of the grid, lowering prices and compensating our customers.

Each device acts as a node on the network, SimBox to alert for manual control, or the built-in AI software can automatically address your energy conservation needs while you focus on the finer things in life. SIM provides the consumer and prosumer with the incentive to reduce individual energy consumption, distribute to those who are in need and lighten the footprint we all stamp on Mother Nature.

How simmitry works

Simmitri began by serving the community with quality roofing, construction and electrical services. Simmitri's photovoltaic business has evolved into an energy efficiency service focused on corporate customers. simmitri have installed and serviced energy through thousands of electrical load panels by servicing more than 4,000 customers in central California, California.

Simmitri learned about the fundamental issues of everyday energy efficiency. When analyzing user behavior data with different energy prediction data points; Shows best practices for conserving or producing energy through timing, weather, location, suppliers, and many other dataCollecting data points from users was the most important to artificial intelligence as a new service from Simmitri.

Simmitri using blockchain technology and recruiting a core team of block-chain experts to research and develop innovative strategies to integrate intelligent and smart contracts and integrate energy management system approaches.As the blockchain is used for storing information about the user and household electricity usage per device, it will also execute parameters and initiate various gamification actions based on performance, allowing users to instantly earn a respectable income and exchange their cryptocurrency to fiat currency and transfer instantly to a debit card

SIMMITRI Token Ekonomy

SIMMITRI Creating a platform that rewards participants for saving and generating electrical energy. Now, the smart grid can depend on a small percentage (roughly 10%) of consumers to generate their own energy from their own investments and act as an active participant in not only creating enough power for their own building, but can now sell back energy to the grid

Simmitri utilize their utility token (SIM) to empower Energy through the development of platfrom thoroughly, if the call is interested to buy token Sim please visit the following link:

. Roadmap

Q1 2018

● Design, technical and production line strategy specs for Simibox

● Primary and secondary rules roster for SIMI AI functions

● Simmitri Token (SIM) applied to be listed on crytpocurrency exchange(s)

Q2 2018

● Customer wallet (dashboard) finalized for earnings and transfers

● Integration testing of blockchain and data collection in open API networks

● Established market maturity for implementation and partners (analysis)

Q3 2018

● Manufactured Simibox prototype v.01

● Launch smart home incubator program

● Beta testing of local market sample group

Q4 2018

● Integration of Simibox into current client list and pipeline

● Analysis of deep metrics from beta testers

● Applications filed for state incentives for renewable energy providers

To get more info about palmetfrom simmitri, please visit the following sites:





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