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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Knowledge- multi-faceted platform with advanced cryptographic technology

It starts as a concept to appreciate and celebrate knowledge. When students excel at their homework, they are given all kinds of certificates and trophies by teachers and coaches. But good grades often become irrelevant when young adolescents finally graduate from school and face the challenges very different that presented the real world. Everyone is knowledgeable and formed through personal experience but the opportunity to share, display, and receive the benefits of his own knowledge can be rare for most people, present offers an award to participants for immediate rewards and validation through gamiktam training, inspection experiences and advanced technology based on technology. - a multifaceted platform with advanced cryptographic technology, creates a user-centered approach to data collection and creation. offers new boundaries in the areas of monitoring, inspection and testing, as well as with the use of prizes and incentive models, is a multi-faceted platform with advanced cryptographic technology, creating a user-centered approach to gathering information and making people. offers a new threshold in the areas of tracking, testing, and testing knowledge, as well as using the reward and incentive models detailed below, and provides a high level of uses blockchain technology in two ways:1. Apply your knowledge token as a source of value and store transparent information for advertisers, teachers, businesses, and other users who trust all parties involved.2. Blockchain technology and platform contribute to the evaluation of knowledge and exchange of values ​​in this view.

About knowledge technology

Just want to talk about the technologies that are used on this platform.
This project has its own patented Knowledge Score technology. Thanks to this technology, the platform can evaluate the knowledge that the user has on certain topics. At the same time, there is also an assessment of interest and demand for this subject of knowledge. Here, too, interest in the means of the survey is evaluated, where accordingly the correct answers will be correct. And based on the results of testing, an assessment of knowledge will be presented.

As I said, everyone who participates in the contribution of knowledge will be awarded with tokens. And yes, here is the same earnings, for your knowledge. Everything is simple, any knowledge must be paid and in this case you will receive it. This token will be distributed evenly among all users who will invest their knowledge or exchange them. This token will not be obtained by hashing, but by passing an assessment of your knowledge. You will simply decide the questions, and then you will develop an assessment of the very knowledge that you are investing.

Also there is Knowledge Funnel, this thing allows advertisers to create messages that will match the potential of customers. And thanks to this over time, the organization assesses progress and establishes a more productive relationship with its audience. And in the end, this leads to the success of development in the market.

Similarly, Knowledge offers a trading platform aimed at advertisers. It will offer products for the advertisers themselves. Buy this product can be for the internal knowledge token Knowledge. To start trading on the marketplace, Knowledge has established contacts with suppliers that represent a catalog with more than 300,000 items.

Also in the project there is a Q & Ads platform. It allows you to create suitable messages for communicating with users at various stages of knowledge. Also, advertisers can target users to a set of articles related to their products and services. You can devote users to information about your product, and then assess the level of their knowledge to understand this information. And you can also get answers to any questions, and on a scale you never dreamed of or dreamed about.

Program crowdsale

Close Crowdsale: $ 19 Mln
Minimum TX size: Equivalent to $ 200 USD
Currency received: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Wire Transfer (Minimum $ 500 USD Equivalent)
Personal sale date: December 5 US EST → January 15 11:59 AM EST AS
Pre-sale date: January 15 12:00 AM EST → February 12 11:59 AM EST AS
Main Token Sale Date: 12 February 12 Nights US EST → April 8 11:59 AM EST AS
Sales method: CAP Sale
Price token: $ 1.00 USD
Schedule of Pre-Sale Bonus
January 15 12:00 AM EST AS - February 12, 11:59 → 65%
Schedule of Primary Sales Bonus:
February 12 12:00 AM EST AS - April 8 11:59 AM EST AS → 25%

To join crowdsale:

The KNOWLEDGE TOKENS works in exchange as a reference unit stands for returns with field achievements as it distributes the spare parts of records and information to provide in the table as a reference option with an offer for public partisan with a possible service to replace disposition selection with a decision as spending resource usage with the entrance on the auction business the cost of knowledge remotely as the pursuit of developers KNOWLEDGE.
With connections to different service providers with well-known notifications with expertise in game fields, KNOWLEDGE developers provide the best deals to a wider audience audience.

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