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Monday, 9 April 2018

DataBroker- P2P Market created as a market for buying and selling sensory data


Along with the advancement of Technology many companies now want to use sensor data for competitive advantage in choosing solutions, but their technology can not work with a lot of data so there is a problem in sorting from various sensor sources, for that DataBrokerDao is created to provide solutions to the above problems

What is DataBroker (DAO)

DataBroker (DAO) is a P2P Market created as a market for buying and selling sensory data, Dao will make it easy for the owners of sensor data to sell their data, and can find consumers who will sell their sensor data. The use of blockchain technology will make Dao as P2P market nyang decentralized For IOT type sensor data.

DataBroker will provide solutions in processing Sensor data, such as, every sensor owner will convert the resulting data into a product of value, Dao will allow users to productively address all the complications associated with the sensor data, so that any existing sensor data becomes an opportunity for industries to work better.

DataBroker is the first market for Data IoT, feature feature in DAO platfrom will connect any data sensor owner with direct buyer data, software in Dao platform connected with GSM. Lora, sigfox enables every user to work with reliable technology without special knowledge.

The same kind of technology offered by DataBroker has been used by leading industries like Ebay and amazon to integrate and manage large data, DataBroker with its features provides a unified system which allows any platfrom user to quickly load and modify any different sensor data.

We can imagine how this sensor data, into a data that useful, though by an industrial company into a product that many benefits in life.

Join the DAO Community

DAO offers us to gain more knowledge and insights about the IOT Market as well as the role of DAO in the industry:

Smart use of DAO contractsThe SmartBroker Database (DAO) bundle of Ethereum is Token DTX is a utility token used as a means of payment in every transaction occurring within DAO platform, such as, every censor owner will offer data for sale in pltfrom, they will get Token DTX, every buyer who find the data can have it by paying using a DTX token. the getawai operator connects them directly, in each transaction they will be charged with a 10% commission in the form of a DTX token,with blockchain technology, data creators and buyers will deal directly, any information in their transactions will be stored in blockchain.Sales of the initial tokenDatabroker is doing fundraising, they offer everyone to participate in the development of DataBroker Platform, here are the details:Detail tokenTicker: DTXToken Type: ERC20ICOToken Price: 1 DTX = 0.10 USD (0.00025 ETH)Fundraising Objective: 11,000,000 USD (27,000 ETH)Total Tokens: 225,000,000Available for Sale Token: 48%Whitelist: YES (PERIOD ISN NOT SET, JOINED)Know Your Customer (KYC): YESBonus for the First: TOKEN SALE DAY 1 - 10% Receive: ETH

To participate in the DAO ICON Data Broker program: HERE

To get more info please visit lin below:

Website: https: // Ref = btctalk
Whitepaper: https: //

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