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Friday, 6 April 2018

Bittwatt-Blockchain Energy Matchmaking

Bitwatt to be an innovative solution for a problem energy
Bittwatt is a platform created to decentralize and matching all the relevant participants involved in energy market business. With this platform, you can connect the people who produce/make the energy source and the buyer or consumers.

Bittwatt is a blockchain based platform with a smart contract that will give you capabilities like scaling around the needs of each people, brand or each location in its network. With Bittwatt blockchain technology, smart contract and Artificial Intelligence this platform also can make sure the suppliers, power plants, operators and consumers can contribute to ensuring energy so is no longer wasted.

Why bittwatt

Bittwatt starts with active power suppliers for each participating country . in each country where Bittwatt is operational), being registered within the Bittwatt platform after successfully meeting a set of qualification and onboarding requirements.

A. envision a world of smart-consumers in a sustainable energy system with minimal costs for all parties.
B. mission is to be the first international platform to integrate and facilitate cooperation between all market operators for the benefit of the consumer

Bittwatt Goal

A. creating a blockchain enabled energy trading market that is simple, transparent and delivers more value to all its users.
B. expanding globally (London, Bucharest and Singapore being already under development).

As such, the main benefits brought by Bittwatt are:

A. Cost reduction in comparison with other energy transfer systems;
B. Transaction speed increses;
C. Scalability (we give the possibility of expansion to a large number of participants/users/ transactions);
D. Disintermediation (making business model possible that do not require intermediate parties)

Bittwatt smartcontrack

On top of Ethereum, Bittwatt builds their utility tokens that are useful Token BWT
Payment for the products and services offered by Bittwatt; Settlement between produced and consumed energy for prosumers. Producers of energy also consume it by being part of the grid so we are balancing their consumption based on how much they pump in the grid against how much they take out;

Crowdsale Bittwatt

Foundation for the development of tokens used within certain geographies. We are aware that some of the countries using our platform need a currency for their internal trading flow. Therefore, based on BWT, new tokens will be built.

Bittwatt BWT ICO Details

Bittwatt has made an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to gather the funds to build the platform. The official price per token is $0.12 USD. Here is the schedule of the ICO:

March 18-31: 90,000,000 tokens with 35% discount;

ICO Phase 1: April 1-7: 50,000,000 tokens with 15% discount;
ICO Phase 2: April 8-14: 50,000,000 tokens with 10% discount;
ICO Phase 3: April 15-21: 50,000,000 tokens with 5% discount;
ICO Phase 4: April 22-28: 50,000,000 tokens with 10% discount.

How to Join ico:

the bittawat coin sale goal is 36,000,000.00$(US), and the minimum funding goal is 30,000,000.00$.1 BWT is 0.12$ in the token sale.The split of caps ,for bonuses and tokens availability in verios stages you can get graphical idea from table below.

They have planed to accept BTC,ETH and COSS during the sale and also sale contribution is 10,000.00

BWT intial supply is 400 million tockens and after they have split into six categories

• 300,000,000 tokens are sold during the ICO7;
• 40,000,000 tokens are reserved for the team;
• 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for advisors;
• 20,000,000 tokens are reserved for country advisors;
• 8,000,000 tokens are reserved as bounty;
• 12,000,000 tokens are reserved for country-level marketing; you can get graphical idea from chart below

Token detail

Symbol : BWT
Platform: Ethereum
Location: Singapore
Exclusions: USA
Total Supply: 400,000,000 BWT
Soft cap: 30,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 36,000,000 USD


The two co-founders of this project are Cristian Hagmann (general manager) and Daniela Cristina Stoicescu (CEO). Hagmann has had more than 20 years of experience working in the energy sector before he decided to found this company, while Stoicescu is in charge of a power supply company and decided to branch out creating this company.

Other key members of the company are Tudor Stomff (ICO Manager), Alexandru Ioana (Content Manager), Cristina Maria Banu (Marketing), Adrian Asevoaia (Project Manager), Marius Posa (Business Developer for Eastern Europe), Iulian Bobes (Research and Development Officer).
Bittwatt Conclusion

For More Information Visit

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