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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

VOTEM- Platfrom with modern voting services

Currently many smart people with innovation are able to create platfrom with the right 2 interesting technology, with excellent service easy and transparent, this technology I admit, has entered the modern category, where a system capable of translating the human body movement, this automation technology provides convenience to everyone.
This discussion about a sound annotation technology where everyone can vote or decision just by voicing on their mobile phone, this is what makes me interested to find more information about this platfrom, this platform is called Votem, what is Votem ???
let's discuss ..

what is votem ??
if at a glance we must assume Votem is a kind of word that is related to voting or decision making, there is a point also because the intent of Votem itself a blockchain based application created to provide convenience to everyone in making decisions just by voice through our mobile phone.

Votem was created by the obsession of Ceo Pete Martin over several questions from his colleagues about "the impact of the next month that will determine their lives and become their heritage" and "the idea that positively affects a billion people, unknowingly Pete writes about" Voting Move " since then pete obsessed to create a moving voting that will be inherited to the world untu enjoyed by everyone

 Problems encountered

with Votem in outline will change the way we choose, as we know the end of the vote is disappointing, where the end result can not be in accordance with reality, Many abuses in the existing system.

votem solution

votem offers positive changes to the world, using blockchain technology and mobile apps, votem not only gives us ease in decision making but also keeps our voice sound with their blockchain technology transparency.

Votem is a renewable technology that creates Vast tokens as an ecosystem to enjoy each votem service itself, to develop their votem services to presale in the near future, Currently they are in our personal presale phase for strategic partners, if friends are interested to get more information about selling our Public Token or contact us if you are accredited and interested in investing. please direct visit:  

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 For more information about votem. please visit the link below:



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