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Monday, 1 January 2018


the end of this new platform many emerging collide program to get many user, from low cost until banus big, me as user of crypto attracted by this platform, paltform which has unique characteristic named COINMETRO

let's discuss

CoinMetro is a financial platform with a revolutionary concept to the world of crypto. created by the team behind a regulated Forex broker, FXPIG. CoinMetro brings a user-centric framework that offers mobility between their digital assets creating a comprehensive trading platform as a buying and selling platform, an exchange that will optimize investment in crypto currency for both the general public and professional and experienced traders.

CoinMetro, a revolutionary financial platform with blockchain innovation, provides a complete infrastructure, this will create a one-stop shop trading system, a metro coin providing a positive customer experience from initial demand to client-focused trading and post transaction points, incorporating three a major component of the digital economy - crypto exchange of currencies, trading platforms and ICO platforms

CoinMetro is equipped with unique management, utilizing tokenizet assets to give investors and individual investors the opportunity to invest thoroughly into professional asset managers according to their expertise, and therefore we will profit each other
CoinMetro adalah inovator

 why should CoinMetro
currently crypto space is expanding at high speed, no single platfrom is able to accommodate the flow, CoinMetro brings industry experience, technology and proven models into CoinMetro's own system so Coinmetro is listed as a growing blockchain-based industry. However, as most industries begin to develop rapidly, there is a need for reliable structures and guidance as well as reliable external mechanisms.

CoinMetro is a fast, easy platform that provides links between traditional financial and digital asset economies.The CoinMetro ecosystem consists ofExchange is fast, intuitive and licensedFounded by a team from FXPIG, an established FX brokerSeveral streams of liquidityEasily buy, sell, and invest in cryptoAmazing 24/7 customer supportA feature-rich GUI trading platformEasy to understand, easy to use, and easily accessible to allOpportunities for investment of unique digital assets (TAM, ETCF's)ICO Express Turnkey Solutions

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