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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Biometrids-machine learning for facial recognition

Tecchnology Cryptocurrency space is growing bigger and bigger by the day. ecosystem is growing with the big wave, and infrastructure is being built upon the sophisticated system of Blockchain technology. A lot of unique projects are revorming the processes and business, and even the world as we know it.
I want to discuss a unique and cool project called Biometrids. They are building decentralized technology for identifying facial expressions. It will use newest blockchain tech for its cause. With facial recognition, it is possible to verify the people are who they are. Biometrids solves one of the biggest issues today faced in the blockchain ecosystem and in life. Biometrids is a decentralized ID that uses the blockchain to identify people

Facial recognition technology and applications are in uproar. Industry is pouring more and more money in designing systems and technology which will bring vast benefits to us all.The usage of the blockchain assures everyone is anonymous, but still valid to conduct transaction with one another. By using the API connected to the Biometridsplatform, any service can adopt our ID protocol into their system, and force people to use the Biometrids ID to improve the security of knowing their customers are transacting with genuine people.

As we know along with the emergency recognition as a way to unlock your phone or validate payments and many more use cases.With Biometrids, the identities will be anonymous but still trusted. The system will give people who do not have access to an ID the opportunity to identify them. There are many countries where this is a major problem. The Biometrids platform will solve the problem of identity and help preventing identity fraud, all this by using facial recognition.There are many different paths but nobody has implemented blockchain tech into it. Biometrids will be a pioneer in that field, and will build a superior system. To achieve that goal Biometrids will use Ethereum blockchain, which brings us cool stuff as smart contracts, and believe they are very handy to have. Ethereum also brings us ERC compatible tokens, which can fuel eco system. Biometrids solution will come in handy to everybody that uses crypto assets, as it will validate trades and deals. Every face is unique in the world, so you will be unique on the blockchain. System will have easy API integration, so you will easily integrate with any platform. Biometrids will solve many problems we have today, and also show the wide public the power of blockchain tech. Also they will nicely fill in the infrastructure of crypto world, making it safer and bigger.

Biometrids is led by Morten Nielsen. They have a lot of people in the team like developers, blockchain specialists, lawmen, PR and many more. Together they have knowledge and ability to fight with every challenge that comes their way.

 With Biometrids’ platform, it is possible to achieve the following:

    Make sure that people are who they say they are.
    Deal with impostors and prevent identity fraud.
    Opportunities to identify themselves, even in countries where this is not possible at the time being.
    Give people the ownership of their own ID.
    Help blockchain services that faces the identity problem.
    Make payments more secure and trusted.
    Remove the middleman for identification.

How Biometrids Works?

The given platform is an online ID which is on the blockchain that in its turn uses the secure machine learning in order to recognize a user’s face and identify the individual instantly. In such a way, it is possible to verify identity super easily. In addition, the data are the most accurate.

One important fact should be added here, the thing is that this extremely helpful assistant saves the anonymity. Nevertheless, it is possible to conduct the transactions with one another. If to be more detailed, it is necessary to use the API which is connected to the Biometrids platform. As soon as this is done any desired service can adopt the ID protocol into its own system. Then it will be compulsory to use the Biometrids ID in order improve the security significantly. There is no need to worry anymore as there will be clear that the customers are transacting with real people.

Token Sale

Biometrids token will be known and called IDS.
There is going to be a total of 100,000,000 in existence and will be offered as follow:

    Pre-ICO: 5%
    Bounties and Advisors: 5%
    Crowdsale: 70%
    Team allocation: 10%
    Foundation: 10%

The Pre-ICO of IDS will run for just a week a price of 1ETH/1330IDS, while the crowdsale will run for 4 weeks with the following prices:

    Week 1: 1000 IDS/1eth
    Week 2: 850 IDS/1eth
    Week 3: 700 IDS/1eth
    Week 4: 600 IDS/1eth

Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until end date, or until all coins are sold.
The allocated 10% of the team and the 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years.

 Every unsold coin during the ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to early investors in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on exchanges. 



Info ICO:
The ICO will run for four weeks (from the 16th of December to the 13th of January).

    Soft cap 4000 ETH.
    Hard at 80000 ETH.

A total of 70.000.000 coins will be set for sale at the following prices:

    Week 1: 1000 IDS/1eth.
    Week 2: 850 IDS/1eth.
    Week 3: 700 IDS/1eth.
    Week 4: 600 IDS/1eth.


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