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Monday, 27 November 2017


NEBEUS is a platform created for the purpose of buying, selling, storing, delivering, lending and borrowing funds in crypto, this platform is developed with an open, transparent and comfortable echo-system to create the best consumption and service and product which is based on contracts with manufacturers in blockchain and smart contrack.

 This bounty campaign will be managed by Sylon.

If you have any technical question regarding this project, please ask it in announcement thread.


                                   Campaign : Twitter campaign

 Rates :

  • Follow : 5 stakes
  • Retweet : 20 stakes per RT
  • Like : 5 stakes per like

Rules :
  • This campaign is limited to 1000 participants.
  • Only twitter accounts with more than 1000 followers will be allowed.
  • Do not RT and like tweets that are answers to other users.
  • Do not RT and like tweets that are more than two weeks old.
  • Do not post a Twitter report in this thread; we will analyze Twitter data on our own.
  • We reserve the right to not consider your twitter account eligible for this campaign, even if you meet the prerequisites.
  • If at the end of the campaign, you tweeted more than 2000 times since your registration date, some of your retweets may not be counted. The same rule applies for likes.

How to participate :

Fill this Google form :

Campaign : Telegram campaign

Earn some tokens for joining our Telegram group!

Rates :

5 stakes per participant.

Rules :

This campaign is limited to 3,000 participants.

How to participate :

Fill this Google form :

Campaign 5: Reddit campaign

Rates :

1 stake per upvote.

Rules :

  • This campaign is limited to 350 participants
  • Your Reddit share has to be made into a subreddit related to blockchain technology, crypto-currencies, finance or economy. If not, your share will not be counted as valid and you will not receive any stake.
  • Once you have published your Reddit share, you have to fill the Google Form link, not before!

How to participate :

Fill this Google form :

Campaign : Articles campaign

This campaign is limited to 50 articles.
Rates :

  • 1 article = 1 stake

Rules :
  • Your article has to be very high-quality written.
  • You must be followed by at least 500 users or your article has to be read more than 1000 times.
  • Your article must be unique. It can not be a copied and pasted article.
  • It must be written in English.
  • It has to be published publicly. Private articles won't be accepted.
  • It must be 500 words long or more.
  • It must have a link to our website; and Bitcointalk thread.
  • We reserve the right to consider any article not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.

How to participate :
Send me a PM with the following informations. Your PM title will have to be "Nebeus Articles Campaign Application".

Bitcointalk username:
Website link:
How many daily visits:
Traffic proof:

If your website is eligible for this campaign, I will reply you with a positive answer.
Then, you will be asked to write your article. After my review, your article will be added to our private articles campaign spreadsheet.


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