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Sunday, 5 November 2017


Everybody is talking about hi-tech like blockchain, AI, machine learning, big data, smart-contracts. But the fact is that all this hi-tech is available only to corporations or specialized IT companies. At the same time, there are 300+ mln small businesses in the world who cannot afford all these high technologies mainly due to lack of human and financial resources. Still they have problems in areas of customer care, marketing and sales, etc, which can be solved by modern messaging and AI-based technologies: chatbots.
MiniApps bridges the gap between hi-tech world and small and medium companies all over the world by creating a community of developers and sales partners powered by blockchain technology.
You can check the functionality and start creating chatbots for free on our main web site www.miniapps. Core Features

1Visual Editor

Visual Builder for prototyping and development of chatbots’ front-end. API for development of complex chatbots and integration with back-end. 

2.Testing tools

The platform contains necessary tools for testing chatbot before production. Web and WAP emulators of chatbots and USSD services with syntax highlighting

3.Easy maintenance

Statistics and analysis tools. Miniapps dashboard contains statistics for your bots and incoming profit from in-bot payments.

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