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Thursday, 9 November 2017

HOQU launches long-awaited Referral Program

HOQU, the groundbreaking decentralized affiliate platform, heralding the future of marketing and set to occupy 4% of the internet advertising market in the next five years, launches its long-awaited and most bountiful offering to date — the Referral Program.

Anyone willing to become part of the pioneering HOQU project and receive rewards can now register a unique link from their profile page on the project’s website and receive a guaranteed chance to earn an additional 5% HQX Tokens from every investment attracted via the shared link.
All payments issued to Referral Program participants shall be made in HQX Tokens. Regardless of which cryptocurrency is used for investments into the HOQU project, Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin, the smart contracts shall issue 5% of the total transaction sum of HQX Tokens purchased via the shared link to the account of the Referral Program participant.
HOQU Co-Founder Maxim Anikeev speaks about referral program and Investor’s profile page

How to get a Referral link?

To become part of the lucrative Referral Program, participants shall have to register on https://account.hoqu.io/ or use existing accounts on Facebook, Goolgle+ or Civic.

After that you will be able to receive a unique reference link at the following address: https://account.hoqu.io/referral

Then share it and earn HQX Tokens!
The Referral Program is set to launch on November 2nd, 2017, and shall remain active up to the end of the HOQU Token Sale event on December 26, 2017.
Do not miss the unique opportunity to become part of the future of marketing and earn more HQX Tokens by participating in the HOQU Referral Program!
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