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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


What is BTC2X?

Bitcoin SegWit2x is a hard fork that will launch on November. It aims at improving the functionality and sorting out the volatility and uncertainty caused by the infigting within the Bitcoin community.

Prior to hard fork, free BTC2x will be distributed with AirDrop , so you can take your BTC2x and trade it on November.

BTC2x will be the most advanced version of Bitcoin with faster, smarter and more secure transaction and lower transfer fees.



BTC2x is written in Turing Complete Language which is more functional than stack based language used in Bitcoin.

BTC2x has faster transaction speed than Bitcoin with the help of a more advanced Blockchain technology. The average block interval on Bitcoin is 10 minutes which is fourty times slower than BTC2X's block interval of 14 seconds.

Bitcoin uses SHA-256 algorithm that produces a number in hexadecimal format. Compared to that, BTC2x uses Ethash algorithm for security which is far more superior in terms of safety measures.

In BTC2x, users can create smart contracts much faster than Bitcoin at a cheaper price.


Team has been working on BTC2x since April'17 on this project.
First Quarter-2017

Bitcoin had a few problems such as being unsuitable for smart contracts, having a mean transaction time of 30 minutes and very high transaction prices. These problems revealed the need of creating a new upgraded Bitcoin Token.
Second Quarter-2017

After months of hard work, project team was organized and studies got started.
Third Quarter-2017

New partners joined in. At the same time project team finished working on creating updates on smart contract technology and security measures. Then project website was launched simultaneously with the activation of social media channels.
Fourth Quarter-2017

Distribution of BTC2x via Airdrop. BTC2x trade will be initiated at stock markets such as HitBTC and EtherDelta. Following that, trading will take place on bigger exchanges as well.
First Quarter-2018

Blockchain optimizations will be released and BTC2x will become an available option in some online shopping websites
Second Quarter-2018

Contracts with new partners will be announced and updates will be released.
Third Quarter-2018

Full integration on selected products
Fourth Quarter-2018

100 Partners working with BTC2x

BTC2x will become a commonly used payment method.

Contracts with banks and announcement of big partnerships


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