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Friday, 13 October 2017

Rent Token

The Rent Token team is excited to announce our upcoming ICO and token for release on September second.Rent Token ICO  Rent Token will be the first token backed by real estate rental properties and featuring a long term buyback and burn program to insure stability of the token and to create a deflationary style token using the income from rent tokens app and rental properties.
Please reserve this thread for questions and comments about the Rent Token and smartcontracts. 

What makes Rent Token Unique?

*Over 40% of all tokens will be locked in 5 and 10 year smart contracts
*Full rental ecosystem for landlords, tenants and contractors

*Full rental listing services and review system

*Instant on app exchange of Rent Token

*Easy Rental payment Tracking for both Tenants and Landlords

*A buyback and burn program to insure Rent Token will remain a deflationary style token and provide a baseline for trading

*99.75 of ICO funds will be used to purchase rental properties for the buyback and burn program and to support Rent Token as a whole

Division of the token supply

30% will be sold in token sale 
10% will be used for market outreach
10% will be locked in a 5-year contract.
0.4% will be locked in a 1-year contract. 
0.2% will be locked in a 6-month contract.
34.4% will be locked in a 10-year contract.
1% will be set aside for hiring incentives.
10% will be used in initial property accusation.
4% will be held for bounties.

Features of the Rent Token Rental app
*Full Rental listings program for Landlords and Tenants
*Rent Token’s app will allow easy listings showing listings accepting Rent Token.
*Rent Token’s app will also offer promoted listings where landlords can promote their listings.
*All of these listings will be required to offer our smart contract program for deposits.
*Instant Messaging and Maintenance support Ticket system
*Rent Token’s app offer easy instant messaging between tenants and landlords and an innovative tenant issue system that instantly send a notice to your landlord.
*Landlords can send their contractors instantly with one tap of a button on the app of the address with an ongoing issue to quickly resolve it.
*Easy pre-lease walk notes
*Rent Token’s app also allows easy in app notes to be made about the condition of the rental property before the lease. This includes the ability to upload pictures to be saved for potential deposit arbitration at the end of your lease.
*Instant on app exchange of Rent Token
*Rent Token’s app will also allow instant exchange from a bank account in USD,CNY or EUR instantly into Rent Token to allow for easy use and liquidity.
*Easy Rental payment Tracking for both Tenants and Landlords.
*You can easily track your monthly payments and show all of your previous payments on the blockchain.

Romanian translation: cattani30
Hindi translation: ankit10
Russian translation: Available
Chinese translation: Available
Spanish translation: Available
French translation: Available
5,000 RENT Token bounty for each translation

Bounty Program is now Live! Tokens will be distributed post-ICO

Name: Rent Token  |   Symbol: RENT   |   Platform: Ethereum
Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 | Website:

Disclaimer: All ICOs are high risk investments that may result in a total loss of investment.The rent token team does not guarantee the increase or stability of value RENT.
*Rent Token is currently not supported by rental properties unless the funding goal of 1mm is met.Rent Token does not have a ICO minimum funding goal.The Rent Token will attempt to continue development if our funding does not reach $1,000,000 development may be at a reduced pace.If funding of 1 million usd is not met the existing token holders will still receive a buyback program at 6 months post ICO at $0.12 a token.

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