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Tuesday, 31 October 2017


In today's world financial crisis, consumers are rapidly turning to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platforms to get finances when bank liquidity dries up, and requirements are getting tighter.P2P loans make sense to achieve personal financial goals. While people have been looking for ways to get funds for credit card payments, home improvements, or holidays, investors pursue results wherever they can find them.Democratization of Lending Using Etereum NetworksETHLend offers a fully decentralized peer to peer to notify Smart Contract loans that run on Ethereal blockchains and use digital tokens as collateral.ETHLend uses a loan that is secured by the use of Digital Tokens. This token is a digital representation of the value in a blockchain, which can be an asset or property such as a family company stock, commodity, your car or just a form of cryptocurrency.
Entirely decentralized peer to peer lends a smart contract in #Ethereum #blockchain to #lending Ether by using a token as collateral.

With a few words, ETHLend uses blockchain technology to create a safer and faster global lending market while also providing access to new asset classes for secure loans, called digital tokens. Therefore, local borrowers from the UK should not rely solely on British banks and local P2P loan platforms.Why?Is not it better to live in a world where everyone has the same financial access, or even access to finance in the first place?- Stani Kulechov, Founder of ETHLendDecentralizedNo one can stop your loan or loan, even ETHLend though. All loans are made possible through the Smart Ethereal Contract. No assets held by ETHLend.TransparencyEvery transaction is visible. All transactions are open to block-explorers. You can follow what happens with your Smart Contract loan.Address 2 addressYou do not need a bank to lend or borrow. With the Ethereal network, loans are delivered in seconds or minutes. There are no middle men, only borrowers and lenders
DemocratizationWe believe that interest rates should not vary based on where you live. We believe that everyone should have access to low interest rates.Access 2 FinanceWe provide the ability to borrow even in locations where no bank is visible. People lend Ether to people. You do not need a bank account to get a loan.The market is rightInterest rates should not be decided by politics, economic policy or banks. Interest rates must be decided by the community.Almost every industry today is plagued by radical changes that will bring blockchain. With this change, the industry becomes more efficient and will only continue to grow. In the same way, ETHLend changed the way people get P2P loans                                                         

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The Team

The Founder & Product Development

Stani Kulechov

My name is Stani Kulechov, the Founder of ETHLend. I am located in Helsinki, Finland. For the last two years, I have been enthusiastically studying the blockchain technology and the impact that blockchain will have on the financial ecosystem. I found that blockchain technology provides incredible benefits for lending. This sparked an interest to develop a decentralized lending application (DAPP) on the Ethereum blockchain network. My background is Law, which gives me a good perspective on the architecture that the global lending market is built on. The greatest achievement for ETHLend is delivering a stable DAPP to the public and gathering an amazing team, who all share the aim to make finance more accessible. In my spare time I travel around the world and sail around the Finnish archipelago.

Head of Management

Jordan Lazaro Gustave

Jordan lives in Paris and is an impact driven social entrepreneur with a double background in international relations and innovation management. As head of Management, he oversees ongoing and future operations by providing a vision based on institutional knowledge and prospective thinking to the team. As a believer in a decentralized society, he sees fair access to finance as one of the first brick needed to tend towards it; and thinks blockchain and smart contracts based lending will allow ETHLend to do exactly that.

Head of Token Sale

Martin Wichmann

Martin Wichmann is an entrepreneur and a blockchain enthusiast, located in Finland. Martin has started and worked in several start-up companies and now he’s focusing on blockchain technology. He has a business backgroung in sales, e-commerce, marketing and starting companies combined with a deep understanding of the blockchain space and the current state of the ICO market.

Head of Corporate Strategy

Kersten Schütze

Kersten Schütze is located in Frankfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. He mainly worked in Financial Technology and Financial markets around the globe, focusing on the future of international finance. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, owning his own Whisky brand. He studied International Business at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, at which he worked in the Blockchain Center, the first Research center of its kind in Germany.

Financial Advisor

Sergej Stein

Sergej Stein

Sergej Stein, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is Financial Advisor & Blogger at ETHLend. He is a Blockchain Enthusiast and Entrepreneur, has led various e-commerce start-ups and is currently involved in the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. He is a Business degree student at Germany’s leading Business School and has several years of leadership experience within international businesses, thereof almost ten years experience in economics.

Legal Advisor

Adnan Javed

Adnan Javed

Adnan is a lawyer and an engineer based out of Melbourne, Australia. He holds interest in the amalgamated social impact of law and technology on society. Adnan has experiences in startup organisations ranging from blockchain, internet of things, fintech, analytics and cyber security. His current focus is on the legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain and ICOs and their evolution.

Technical Advisor

Amir Dib

As technical advisor, Amir Dib provides scientific insights and tools to tackle the mathematicals aspects of the ETHLend project. He studied fundamental physics and mathematical finance. After a few internships in university laboratory and in a hedge fund, he is a now Phd candidate at the Center for Mathematical Studies and their Applications (Ecole Normale Supérieur, Paris) in collaboration with SNCF working on machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance.

Head of Marketing

Jin Park

Jin Park residing in Los Angeles, California works as AVP & IT Officer at a financial institution. He is the Head of Marketing at ETHLend and started investing and learning about Bitcoin and Blockchain in 2013. Jin believes that the Blockchain technology will have prodigious influence in the world. He is currently involved in many cryptocurrency communities and shares with others the exciting project ETHLend has to offer.

Full Stack Software Engineer

Edmund To

I am Edmund, Developer at Ethlend. At the moment I am located in Hong Kong. My background is software engineering and I mainly Java and JavaScript on a daily basis. I am responsible for further development of the ETHLend application for both front end and the smart contract area. In the world of growing tokenization of assets, I believe that ETHLend can provide a financing option to borrowers and lenders across the world. In my spare time I enjoy reading and practicing yoga.

Developer & Advisor

Jesmer Wong

Developer specialising in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. Additionally acting as the Advisor on Chinese Markets.

Cybersecurity Advisor

Koen Sanders

Koen is a young Blockchain professional, application developer and a hacker. He is currently studying information- and communication technology at the Fontys university in Eindhoven and is going to take a minor in Cybersecurity. He has been a hacker since 2013 and is actively helping ETHLend with cybersecurity related issues.

Russian Advisor and Translations

Anastasija Plotnikova

Anastasija is a consultant commercial lawyer located in Gibraltar, specialising in international business and taxation services for both EU and offshore companies. Anastasija performs legal research and is in an advisory role for Ethlend currently overseeing the Russian desk. She has a strong interest in the development and benefits that the blockchain revolution can bring and is actively participating in meetups around the globe so as to facilitate this progress.

Media Correspondent

Nolvia Serrano

Nolvia Serrano was born in El Salvador and is now located in Uruguay. Her educational background is in Marketing. Nolvia currently works for a financial company based in Panama as the Head of Marketing where she got exposed to cryptocurrency and developed a strong interest for blochckain techonology. Nolvia is an active member of the Latin America crypto community and is currently working on the creation of a learning center related to Cryptocurrencies.

Copywriter and Brand Advisor

Disa Braun

Disa Braun, Swedish but located around the world, is Copywriter and Brand Advisor at ETHLend. Disa speaks several languages and has studied at several universities around the world. She has academic degrees in Foreign languages and Professional writing. She also has a background in linguistics, design, marketing, psychology, communications and entrepreneurship. Disa ran her own advertising agency before deciding to freelance while travelling the world.

Head of Communications

Scott Malsbury

Scott Malsbury, is located internationally. He has taken a strong interest in cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology. He has over 20 years project management experience having closed out billion dollar projects within the Oil/Gas industry. He has a keen interest in business and has ran smaller projects for himself from company startup through to management and sales.




Graphics & Visualisation

Rowan Van Ginkel

Rowan is a graphic designer and originates from The Netherlands. He has been working as a freelance graphic designer for several years now, gaining experience by doing design projects for different clients all over the world. Rowan has a strong interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He likes to travel a lot and considers himself a ‘digital nomad’. He is currently working with the ETHLend team to establish branding to communicate effectively to the ETHLend users.




Community Manager

Luca Cotta

Luca Cotta is located in Italy and is a former IT System Administrator and Information Technology Manager. Luca currently performs as Community Manager for ETHLend. He has extensive experience with problem solving and industrial informatics automation, interested in crypto-currencies since December 2009. Luca has collaborated with a number of different companies in the crypto-world within support, marketing and even as a technician since 2013. His current focus is the setting up communication processes for startups in Slack, Telegram and for other ICO related activities.




Local Advisor in Indian Subcontinent

Opinder Preet Singh

Opinder Preet Singh, Located in Delhi, India, is the Indian Subcontinent Head at ETHLend. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain expert and speaker. He comes from an analytics background and has worked with MuSigma for over 2 years. He is a firm supporter of public blockchain comprising of true decentralization and trustless systems. Opindeer is determined to make usecases of decentralized lending practical in developing nations, especially in the Indian Subcontinent where required borrowers and lenders can leverage the system as an alternative to banks, without compromising on their privacy.




Social Media Manager

Kelly Ann Pope

Kelly Ann co-hosts a radio show manifesting men and women to comprehend the tremendous benefits and potential of blockchain space. She has put her life work in online research, social media and alchemy. Kelly Ann is a modern day teacher & market maker of freedom, permanent vacation skills; empowerment & truth. Her passion in crypto peer-to-peer technology is a mirror of how she views a new earth born of freedom & sovereignty. Kelly Ann is acting in a social media manger role for ETHLend.




Advisory Board

Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis is a Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail. As an economist and e-Money researcher focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon also serves as an independent board director to companies in the Blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors. Being a prominent fintech columnist with Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk, he recently joined the editorial board for the cryptocurrency journal Ledger.




Professor Wulf Kaal

Wulf Kaal has spent a year at Goldman Sachs Securities Division, where he worked with Foreign Exchange Trade Analysis. He has also had a Corporate Associate position at Cravath, Swaine and Moore, the leading law firm in New York. Kaal speaks regularly at leading conferences in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His speaking engagements include presentations at the European Central Bank, Harvard University, Columbia University, George Washington University and many others.

Ada Jonuse

Ada Jonuse is an IT and blockchain education activist with extensive experience in the International and European politics, including but not limited to UN and the European Parliament. During her impressive career Ada facilitated and participated in areas such as Disarmament and Non-Proliferation in Asia and South Pacific, as well as project design, application and implementation of the pan-European projects.


Amin Rafiee

Amin Rafiee has been working closely with the developers of some of the most hyped coins on the crypto market since 2013. He’s an active user of Bitcoin communities and a respected member that is constantly involved with the dedicated developers and leaders of this exciting industry. Amin has a keen eye for the latest advancements and his diverse background, including Industrial Design, Engineering, R&D, Marketing, International Business, Philosophy and Psychology is impressive to say the least.

Robert Viglione

Robert Viglione is the Co-founder of ZenCash, a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency hyperfocused on usability, and President of the Zen Blockchain Foundation where I’m helping “Uberize” finance, create a freer, fairer, and nicer world by bringing fintech to the disenfranchised, and pioneer decentralized blockchain-based systems of governance. As a PhD Candidate in Finance, my research interests span cryptofinance, venture capital, and asset pricing.


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