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Saturday, 14 October 2017


eBTG The improved (ERC20) eBitcoinGold

What is eBTG?
An Ethereum based (ERC20) token providing an alternative to Bitcoin/BTG.

Why Create eBTG token?
To provide a store of value on the Ethereum blockchain that has long term ideals driven by community development.
Our focus is on a fair distribution of tokens so that the founding block of this venture is laid with a strong community.
This is not an ICO. This is not an investment. The tokens are freely distributed to those who want them. We are using the eBTG token as a community building vehicle.
What makes eBTG different?
We know that the winners in the crypto space are those tokens, or coins, which build the strongest communities. The entire focus of this project is to create a vibrant community that engages with each other through the unifying platform, eBTG. The value of the token will be in the hands of the community. Our team is here to facilitate the growth and awareness of the eBTG community.
The eBTG token has a dedicated team driving it forward. We will strive to make it the number one alternative to BTC on Ethereum network.
We believe the development of a strong community can future-proof the eBTG token while others look for short term gains.
Why use the eBitcoinGold moniker?
We see the core function of Bitcoin as a store of value rather than a fast, lightweight payment currency. This can change on the Ethereum network but we are drawn to this concept. The idea of using the eBitcoinGold name came to us as it aligns with this store of value function.
Keeping to this concept; there are 21,000,000 tokens in total. Our smart contract, which you can freely audit, guarantees this.
How do I participate?
We have decided to open entry to our official airdrop registration form on Friday the 13th of October (18:00 GMT+1). A button will be added in the centre of our website homepage, you will be able to register using that specific button. You should avoid using any registration form that isn’t announced by one of the moderators on our Telegram channels.
We will announce the ending date & time of our registration phase the moment we open it! Don’t miss out!

JOIN TELEGRAM: https://t.me/eBTGAnn
Distribution of the tokens will begin on the Wednesday 1st of November (we will announce the exact timing soon)! We will NOT start airdropping our tokens on any different date & time! Please be aware of your security.

eBitcoinGold — EBTG confirmed for EtherDelta!
We are delighted to announce to our growing community that the official eBTG community token has been confirmed on EtherDelta and will be under the EBTG name. We thank Zack and all those at EtherDelta for their help in achieving this early milestone. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Social Media links:
Official Website: https://eBTG.tech
Telegram: eBTG Announcement Channel: https://t.me/eBTGAnn
eBTG Chat Channel: https://t.me/eBTGChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eBTGofficial
airdrop: https://www.ebtg.tech/

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