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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bounty Altocar

ICO 10.10-10.11

Official website: to get the AltoCar tokenAnd now I'll tell you how to get a free AltoCar token for $ 20 and more!
In this distribution, QUANTITY LIMITED participants, so hurry up! To participate in distribution, you must have a Bitcointalk account older than one month.
It is necessary to perform some uncomplicated tasks:

Subscribe to TELEGRAM-RU ( - 5 tokens
Subscribe to TELEGRAM-EN ( - 5 tokens
Subscribe and rate 5 at official. FACEBOOK ( - 5 tokens
Subscribe and place it at official.Twitter ( - 5 tokens
Then fill out the form to participate in the distribution:
List of participants in the distribution of the AltoCar token:
IMPORTANT !!! PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY!____________________Donut on channel development:ETH: 0x7b875a9C5D9c74Ff750085D61C60C4451015E50D;BTC: 17LyjxhCot5DmdyxhdJ1Zmiifd4qp7z19J;Subscribe to channel about crypt-freebie:

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