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Tuesday, 24 October 2017



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BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs.
Think about it as Coursera and HackerRank merged together, powered by decentralized blockchain technology. 


1. Education is flawed globally

Universities and higher education institutions are universally failing to fulfil their mission - to teach their students well. The gap between the needs of employers and student knowledge already exists and is widening. BitDegree innovation is a possibility for businesses to initiate and maintain dialogue with upcoming talent and reward them for achievements through smart-incentives. From the student’s perspective it means getting paid to learn.

2. Helps recruiting tech talent

It is estimated that the global recruitment market is worth over $200 billion and $4,000 is the average amount spent by a U.S. company to fill an open position. Tech companies are actively competing to constantly raise and maintain their employer profiles, offering perks unimaginable to other industries. Our solution here is to provide global employer branding to millions of BitDegree students by sponsoring smart-incentives.

3. Tech students are valued customers

With a traditional client acquisition model, tech companies like Hostinger, DigitalOcean or NordVPN spend huge amounts of money to acquire new customers. By accepting decentralized BitDegree tokens, they will be able to attract new flow of technophile users in a cost-effective way. Students who earned scholarships are qualified customers with a proven interest in learning technology & will to spend on various products & services.

  Improve One's Potential.
Every individual who is born in the world, has the potential or talent of each of them that will be more powerful if honed. Through education, many people find their potential and are able to hone it to become a professional. The optimization of self-talent is certainly useful for the self as well as for many people.

Helping to Create a Generous Nation Generation.
One of the benefits of the importance of education is to form a broad-minded and definitive generation for the state. Science gained in education, able to help someone to become an expert in various fields that they want to tekuni.

Shaping a More Scientific Mindset
Someone who is educated, generally has a more scientific mindset than those who are not educated. The world of education helps them, to have a better pattern of selecting by compiling scientific facts collected.

Knowledge is Growing.
A person who is educated, by itself will have a wider knowledge. This is because, education gives them many things related to science that will continue to grow.

Teaches How to Interact In Society.
Not just science that is taught but how to interact in society is also taught. In this case, education teaches one to understand the social functions that exist, in order to be able to become a useful person.
There is a recent project that has drawn my attention, a project that carries the educational revolution.
It's not just about education but also about the very popular blockchain world today, I'm proud to introduce you to BitDegree.
What is BitDegree?
BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with a clear and transparent system based on blockchain rewards and tracking achievements. It is also a unique tool for businesses to recruit talent technology and a global education form for their needs.
Thinking about it like Coursera and HackerRank are combined together, supported by decentralized blockchain technology.
Purpose of BitDegree?
Their goal is to enable students to acquire the skills currently required by the job market and they do so by offering students online courses with a clear and transparent blockchain-based reward system and achievement tracking. Companies looking for technological talent will sponsor students to attend relevant courses and students will be given an incentive to complete the course through publishing tokens offered by the sponsoring company as a scholarship. This is a win-win situation for both parties, students get paid for their studies, and companies can hire skilled workers without spending thousands of dollars.

Companies wishing to introduce people to new technologies or services will provide financial incentives to students who want to spend time studying and using the company's products.
By providing incentives, any company clearly signals the demand for certain qualifications or informs about the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective use of new technologies / products / services. People who are looking for new opportunities will study new technologies, develop popular, practical skills and get to know the existing technological solutions provided by their suppliers
Applicants will be enrolled in subsidized courses to gain more knowledge and develop skills on the chosen technology topic. Course materials and the learning process will be made interactive and attractive, following the proven methods of gaming.
Students will be able to communicate with other students and mentors, ask questions and seek more detailed explanations. All course material and progress assessment will be divided into small parts to stimulate short-term efforts in the reward cycle. In addition to the subsidized training materials, each student demonstrating success in learning will be rewarded with platform tokens.
Companies providing incentives will be able to contact students enrolled in a subsidized course and offer jobs for budding performers. Companies that agree to accept tokens for services will allow students to apply the acquired skills in practice using commercial services.
Students will also be able to exchange tokens at exchange sites. The BitDegree platform will record the progress of each student and provide students with the opportunity to prove that they are successful in developing and applying skills to solve problems. BitDegree will rely on the Ethereum platform to create a reward system and store the data of all the achievements made in the learning process by the students.
A smart incentive system is an Ethereum-based smart contract that provides the exchange of values ​​(tokens) between the promoter (sponsor) and the recipient of the promotion (student).
The recipient of the promotion undertakes to make efforts aimed at learning in order to receive encouragement (tokens). The guarantee of the smart incentive system is the BitDegree platform, which will represent the confirmation of research efforts.
Any company (potential employer or service provider / technology), state institution (school, employment center or prison) and even an ordinary citizen can become the creator of incentives. Smart promotions will be created by the Creators of the Promotions, which will provide the sponsorship amount and determine the maximum number of applications, the date and time of enrollment and closing, and how long the incentives will remain available for enrolled students.
The Creator of the Promotions will be able to adjust the requirements for the candidates, the availability and the intensity of the promotion for the selected country or even the area, for example Tampa, Florida, USA. Hosted incentives will be able to see a list of courses available to them in their region based on the history of the courses they have completed.
All interaction of students with smart incentives will leave their mark in the detachment. A smart contract will guarantee the payment of incentives. The use of tokens will make it possible to use the system of economic incentives for any student in the world, which is impossible with the use of ordinary money due to large transaction costs.
The BitDegree platform will provide evidence of research efforts for all courses on the platform. Several familiar verification mechanisms will be introduced, such as tests, situations and problem solving, creative tasks, and many others. Most of the verification mechanisms will be automated. In the future, for certain types of research efforts, the BitDegree platform will open up functionality for third-party proxies that will evaluate research efforts and be stimulated to meet the quality of service requirements.
The incentives for third-party verification personnel will be based on feedback from the creators of the rewards on the quality of the audit. The work to verify the research effort will be offset by a small part of the Promotions (tokens). The definition of research efforts and the revitalization (preparation and launch of courses for student learning) will also be rewarded with a portion of the Promotions (tokens).

The team consists of multi-skilled professionals who have worked with each other in different capacities and become friends. It joins the project that everyone in the team is very passionate about. This is a time when everybody dreams big and big. Most teams have worked together to scale solutions that reach millions of users and find the need to educate them, while some others have worked on educational initiative experiences, which can be directly applied to BitDegree.
Andrius Putna - CEO

the founder of 11 years in the field of software engineering. Blocking supporters. People behind 000webhost success - the world's first and largest cloud cloud platform designed to learn, test and experiment. Architect of Hostinger products
Danielius Stasiulis - CBO,
one of the foundersHead of Startup Division at Civitta (7 years) - a leading management consulting firm in Eastern Europe. Familiar with 300+ startup and work with many startup programs, including Berkeley Skydeck in Silicon Valley. He focuses on the ICO-based business model and blockchain.
Ervinas Rimdeika - CLO,
one of the foundersErvinas is a fan of FinTech and has extensive practice in the field of corporate legal, intellectual and business related questions as well. He works not only in some well-known law firms, but also in one of the largest corporate groups in Lithuania and the Baltic States. In previous years, Ervinas Rimdeika was a member of one of the finest Baltics FinTech members and achieved impressive results, in which the Lithuanian Supreme Court changed the case law and established new interpretation rules on financial leases and other matters. Clients and co-workers especially appreciate Ervinas Rimdeika for deep legal knowledge, critical and strategic thinking, in-depth analysis of the problem and alsorational approach.
Rio Asatiani - CMO,
one of the foundersWith more than 14 years of experience in effective customer acquisition, new brand work and startup launch, Rio is a hacking guru and a Google Certified Partner who leads 000webhost and Hostinger to international success in over 40 countries by attracting 29+ millions of new users. He joins the BitDegree project which has a strong vision in the path of innovative acquisitions and a solid experience in hacking-growth. Rio ensures the success of BitDegree at international level. 

Darius Rugevicius - a partner in the Prime block capital investment fund.
Darius is experienced in building successful technology-based businesses, has sold two previous start ups in the last 4 years alone. Using his expertise to apply effective marketing strategies, encourage execution, and meet deadlines, he has helped companies that operate in the block, fin-tech, robotics and biotech sectors. In the past year Darius has worked with many blockchain projects, helping them develop successful strategies, networks and results.
Jeff Burton - Entrepreneur Serial,
one of the founderstechnology executives of Electronic Arts Global, Keynote speakers and the old Silicon Valley timers. Jeff is a member of the founding team of Electronic Arts, where he has overseen the expansion of his global operations. Jeff has a high level connection in Silicon Valley and the rest of the world he uses to help startups like BitDegree. Jeff has developed the startup accelerator Berkeley Skydeck and is currently involved in helping beginners around the world to grow and scale into Silicon Valley. Jeff is a very great person who believes in BitDegree and wants to help.
Roberto Santana - Product and Strategy Advisor,
Former Senior Manager atEntrepreneur Coursera and Former Product Management Grow Growth at Coursera. Roberto plays a role in helping the Coursera scale to a global level and gaining over 27 million students worldwide. Roberto is a Stanford MBA with 3 engineering degrees in computer science and design. Her outstanding technical and technical knowledge has led her to startup by managing projects and business development, including San Francisco-based Zendesk, where she helps grow the number of paying customers by 60%. Prior to working in the Valley, Roberto was Senior Engineer with Shell, where he led a cross-functional team responsible for delivering products that contribute $ 400 million to refinery revenues.
Maurice De Hond - Founder of Steve JobsSchool,
Personalized Learning AdvisorA successful entrepreneur and founder of Steve JobsSchool - a modern primary school concept designed to look at each child as an individual and nurture him based on his strengths and interests. This learning model quickly became a success and has been adopted in more than 35 schools in the Netherlands. Being a pioneer of innovative learning ensures the adoption of modern educational solutions on the Bitdegree platform in the long run that will build a solid foundation for passionate IT people to reach their full potential.
James K. Scarborough, Stanford University Phd - gamification Advisory.
Currently a candidate for PhD. at Stanford University, James's main focus is to greatly engage players to enhance the work, class, and similar forms of individual and team-based productivity. He is currently involved in projects that assess the effects of real social interaction in the virtual space about especially energy efficiency behavior, gender and culture specific responses and the physiological effects of social interaction in a goal-oriented game environment. Having in-depth experience in gamification and working with companies that create games such as Tetris games, civilization, Falcon Flight Simulator, led him to join the BitDegree team and guarantee a very exciting environment of the platform on a long term basis.
Arnas Stuopelis - COO,
one of the foundersArnas is the CEO of Hostinger. Before taking on the role of CEO, for 6 years Arnas was responsible for business development in Hostinger. He managed to expand Hostinger on a global level while playing an important role when creating one of the most successful web hosting brands in Indonesia With his deep entrepreneurial skills and solid experience in business development, Arnas knows how to scale a project towards global success.
Ricardas Pocius - Technical advisor.
Ricardas is a desperate system engineer who loves to share his experiences and knowledge with others. Determined to keep the magic out of the system. Organizer of Erlang / meetup workshop in Vilnius, LT.
author: deppil90

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