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Wednesday, 11 October 2017



Distribution of tokens

10% of eBCH tokens will be reserved for development. The reserve will be locked for 6 months, and will be used to support and attract new developers for development and integration.

90% of eBCH tokens will be distributed to public for free under our airdrop program described below. Please follow specific instructions listed under each category. If you do not follow the instructions, you will be only added to 'Other' category. In all categories, you are required to send an email to with your ether address and other details noted under the respective category.


Each participant will receive 1,000 tokens every week upon completion of all of the following steps:

1.  Follow twitter handle @  
2.  Twit our twitter handle '@ebchcoin' and website address '' with info about airdrop offer three times a week until 11/3/2017. 
3.  Send an email to which should should include your Twitter username, your ether address and links of your twit promoting eBCH. 
4.  If you have more than 10,000 followers, please mention number of followers in the email to for additional one-time 25,000 eBCHs tokens.  We will also select few to  receive additional 100,000 eBCHs tokens based on their twitter strength and dedication towards eBCH airdrop program.


Please join our telegram channel at and send us an email with your telegram username and ether address for 1000 eBCH tokens to be deposited in your account. 

We will offer an additional 25,000 tokens to selected Telegram members who will be very active in the community by responding to the questions raised by the other community members on a timely basis if they know the answers (we call them our freelance moderators).

Twitter & Telegram Combo

Each participant will receive 7,000 eBCH tokens upon completion of all of the following steps:

1. Join telegram group at 
2. Follow twitter handle @
3. Twit about our airdrop program  which should include our twitter handle @eBCHCoin and website address three times a week until 11/3/2017.
4. Send an email to which should include the following details:
    i. Twitter username
   ii. Telegram username
  iii.  Links of your twit promoting eBCH
  iv. Your ether address


Interesting blogs (on bitcointalk, Steemit, etc.) about aidrop program will receive 50,000 eBCH tokens. Please email a link to your blog along with your ether address to to claim these tokens.


Remaining eBCH tokens will be air dropped to the ether addresses received on our email address This is open to any one who submits their ether address to the email address. Participants of all above category will be automatically included in this category. The distribution ratio will be decided on 11/3/2017 based on the number of requests received.

Important notes: 

1. All requests for token distribution must be sent by email to All other requests (like messages to twitter handle, telegram admins etc.) will be ignored. 

2. Please be careful while submitting your ether address. We will only be able to deposit eBCH tokens to your personal wallet. We can not deposit eBCH tokens to your exchange wallet. If you do not have personal wallet, please claim one at Our eBCH tokens are compatible with almost all ether wallet, but we prefer myetherwallet.


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