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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

CYBR-security platform as cyber protection solution (ICO review)

Hay friend the crypto community, discussion this time about secure transactions through a portal that provides real-time guarantees, we all know security is important in a platform to protect our assets, and CYBR offers sophisticated and modern solutions for this problem, let's see the full discussion below:


CYBR is a blockchain-based cyber security platform operating as cyber protection solution for its blockchain that ensures secure smart trades occur via a portal site designed to present real-time protections, CYBR providing unassailable protection for websites against DDoS attacks, CYBR Offers real time warranties, countermeasures and dangers into the CYBR community, in Addition to other cryptographic items and exchanges.

Every day,millions of online businesses lose potential users or customers due to poor user experiences, they are exposed to DDOS and eventually look for other platforms that guarantee the security of their assets, CYBR is the right solution, CYBR is proprietary, strong security engine that defines and interrupts a poor actor and the related illegal file action which intends to influence the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of transactions using a crypto-intelligent contract.

CYBR untuk hadiah intelijen ancaman mereka ke The CYBR Ecosystem adalah solusi perlindungan cyber menyeluruh untuk blockchain-nya yang memastikan perdagangan cerdas yang aman terjadi melalui situs portal yang dirancang untuk menghadirkan perlindungan waktu nyata

CYBR provides many features and equipped potent cyber security engine that explains and interrupts malicious and not relevant action such as hazard alarms, checking websites and addresses, sending / receiving dictionary, downloading BlindSpot and service, such as frequently asked questions, and access into the present, basically CYBR identifies anything that attempts to influence the confidentiality, integrity and availability of crypto intelligent contract transactions.

CYBR mainstay application

BlindSpot provides protection and informs every time a malicious code is located, continuing monitoring such as reports on possible harmful documents, illegal activities, and provides followup using a brief report, BlindSpot helps organizations fulfill mandated security needs while still ensuring compliance.

CYBR is using the smart contract, namely CYBR tokens as a tool that will be used to enjoy every feature in the platform. CYBR is a ERC20-based token which runs on the Ethereum system and can be employed in business logic decided by the organization's programmers.

Token and ICO detail

The CYBR team runs an ico program, which is the initial CYBR token offer that has many benefits, the proceeds from the sale are used to develop the platform and its services.

if you are interested in joining ICO, please visit the site below:

Symbol: CYBR
Type: ERC20
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 CYBR
Price: 0.08 USD
Accepted: ETH
Softcap: $ 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap: $ 15,000,000 USD
Start ICO: Oct 15, 2018 - 30 November 2018

To get more info about CYBR, please visit some of the sites below:
ANN: = 5023957

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