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Thursday, 11 October 2018

BITSTASH- simple secure crypto marketplace commerce

At the moment, the issue that's frequently discovered is the fact that many mainstream marketplaces and shops don't accept payments with krypto money This can be considerably reducing the awareness, adoption, and endurance of Cryptocurrency as a whole. High fees. those favorite marketplaces take a monthly subscription to be compensated so as to market in their own platform, that is driving products that are common to be overpriced to cover these market owners.

As time goes by, in the long run from platform to platform, there have been many improvements so that every user and customer will get fast and low-cost services, I'm here to explain about BitStash

BitStash is secure crypto simple commerce marketplace which enables buyers and sellers topurchase or list products, goods or services. BitStash platform provides users market to transact seamlessly between each other and with the trusted protection provided by escrow system.  BitStash provide millions of people around the world the opportunity to open an online store and earn cryptocurrency; BitStash will be implementing several language translations for ease of use for all users across our platform.

BitStash can process payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum. low cost and will not increase, The security of your cryptocurrency will be guaranteed, bitstash is designed and implemented cutting-edge escrow system to ensures delivery of product orders and payments In the event that an ordered item isn't delivered or can not be confirmed as delivered, bitstash won't issue funds to the seller. After a support ticket was opened an solved, the clients capital will then be returned. Bitstash gone to great lengths to make sure that sellers in addition to customers remain 100% satisfied with our settlement procedure.

Bitstash 've made a sustainable model where advertising happens seamlessly within market. Advertisers will have the ability to buy what's going to be known as"advertisement slots". Advertisers need to use STASH Tokens to begin advertising. All advertising must meet BitStash criteria and shouldn't be in breach of BitStash Terms and Conditions.

BitStash be equipped a 100% practical web application which may be accessed from all computers, cellular phones, mobile phones, and smart mobile devices which have net connectivity. This enables BitStash to get to the mainstream user foundation. Any vendor that doesn't want to download or install any apps in their machine can prevent this entirely. Additionally, it is simple to login everywhere within the entire world so long as you have an online connection.


Stash is a utility token that is used in the platform, STASH may be used for market exchanges, trades, paying fees, paying for advertisements, and there is more to come. The title STASH was selected because we imagine BitStash as being the number one market and swap for cryptocurrency and product. Allowing both retailers and customers to STASH their Assets or utilize them on the stage.

They'll be used as the sole type of payment for ads over the BitStash Marketplace. Furthermore, all seller and withdrawal charges are computed in STASH Tokens, although the trade procedure occurs concurrently on the backend. What's more, at the conclusion of every quarter, BitStash will be airdropping 10 percent of marketplace fees to holders of STASH Tokens according with their own equilibrium.

A greater equilibrium is going to create a greater airdrop amount. STASH Tokens may be utilized as a form of payment using a real time market rate. You are able to send to distinct wallets to finish transactions. The BitStash team Is Continually growing and producing new applications for your STASH Token

STASH Token Details

Token Name : BitStash
Symbol: STASH
Total Supply: 36,000,000,000 STASH
Protocol: ERC20
Seed Funding: May 2018
Pre-ICO: June 2018
Crowdsale: July 2018
Token Price: 1 ETH = 600,000 STASH



- July 2017
BitStash Founded
- December 2017
Platform Creation & Development
- January 2018
Vendor Program Integration
- February 2018
Affiliate Program Integration
- May 2018
ICO Preparation
- May 2018
ALPHA Launch
- June 2018
Seek Partnerships & Vendors
- June 2018
Launch Pre-Sale ICO
- July 2018
BitStash Crowdsale
- August 2018
Android & iOS Application
- September 2018
STASH Token Exchange Listings
- September 2018
Launch Internal Exchange
- September 2018
Purchase Products with STASH
- October 2018
Airdrop Bounty Participants
- October 2018
STASH Quarterly Airdrops Begin
- November 2018
Addition of More Coins
- December 2018
Platform Showcase & Stats
- December 2018
Release 2019 Roadmap

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