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Saturday, 18 August 2018

What's LEXIT?

The poin
Platform of its type allowing to take part in which whole companies technical sections and their Intellectual Property -- IP could be bought, sold and licensed. Based on ICO Reviews that has come to be the very first platform permitting the participants to exchange from Intellectual Properties as handily and you can readily buy, sell or lease a vehicle or property.

Sellers-- These are the people who have a business, IP, patent, and want to sell it at a completely decentralized fashion. Throughout the usage of this LEXIT platform, sellers can interact with prospective investors, assessors and other people in order to not just examine the waters but to also create a real estate sale which may be rewarding for both parties.

Buyers-- As its name implies these will be the users that are searching to buy IP, digital/physical resources or even businesses in order to expand their companies. In accordance with ICO Perspectives the LEXIT port they could request advice from vendors and make an educated decision as to if they'd love to proceed with the investment or not.

Assessors-- These individuals are third party intermediaries which may help provide buyers and sellers with technical experience in relation to the value of their merchandise available (patents, IP's, start-upsetc.) . Along with this, they are also able to assist in doing"due diligence" by simply taking a look at company publications, in addition to help with the drafting of.

Buy agreements
Legal documents pertaining to certain jurisdictions.

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