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Sunday, 19 August 2018

FXPay - based on blockchain to manages the Forex market

These days, many transaction procedures in the electronic community is quite intricate and many times it occur to be ineffective for dealers. As a result of this variable, they aren't able to finish so a lot of their trading or investment applications. This issue has influenced agents and has left them inconsistent in the foreign exchange industry. Transaction fees also that's attached to a lot of investment opportunity has scared many investors apart from these types of opportunities because they know how devastating it is going to be to invest so much on the exorbitant transaction fees and the impact it's going to have within their own investment. More to those issues is how agents are mandated to cover a 5-7% commission from the deals they make with all the liquidity suppliers on the marketplace.

Considering that quite a great deal of folks are hugely involved with cryptocurrency and there's also a significant number of emerging crypto investors and users that appear to exchange their electronic resources, majority of them are still conventional techniques rely just on centralized server. But taking a look at the significant challenges that traders and traders confront now, a way out is suggested to mitigate the dangers in trades and enhance trade speed from the intricate forex marketplace. This project intends to use new technological inventions to clear the problems in the crypto foreign exchange marketplace.

FXPay is a stage based on blockchain that's constructed especially to manages the Forex market trades. Since the Forex market is decentralized by nature so it's wise if the trading platform based on decentralized blockchain system consequently provide more scale-able, dependable, secure and audit-able platform for all parties involved. FXPay provides cost effective, innovative solutions for dealers, agents, and liquidity suppliers. Via use of this blockchain technologies, FXPay will decrease the dangers for brokers and traders via increasing the rate of transactions and supplying them with greater opportunities.

FXPay has a goal of establishing a worldwide system for the aggregation of both crypto dealers and agents in the crypto community. It intends to make an extremely conducive digital distance to fulfill the unmet needs of crypto users and traders. On the other hand, the focus of the project is to the agents in the foreign exchange market and it attempts to supply them with a extremely fast and incredibly reasonably priced speed of trade. This may consequently be accomplished utilizing the most recent innovations in the electronic technology. Ergo, there's a supply for incentive on all of the investments of consumers within this stage i.e all of the expense of investors in this endeavor is going to be multiplied using a measure of incentive that's been delegated by FXPay to them.

FXPay Goal is to deal with present inefficiencies within the current market and also to supply cost-saving options to agents, traders, and liquidity suppliers. By using blockchain technologies, FXPay can significantly decrease the danger of traders and brokers by providing more chances and boost the rate of trades in the foreign exchange market. FXPay is pleased to bring our first coin supplying to the sector and also to enable traders to become a part of the exciting new goods and travel. The FXPay system will instantly begin addressing the problems within the recent Forex marketplace. Our suggested alternative will demonstrate the concrete value of this FXP token.

ICO crowdsale

Token : FXP
Based: ethereum ERC20.
ICO sale: 40% of the overall token, 200 million FXP tokens
The FXP pre-order : 1 May 2018 till 31 July 2018 t
1 FXP = USD 1.15.
Public sale : 1 August 2018 before 31 October 2018
1 FXP = USD 1.6.
The Transactions will take BTC and ETH cryptocurrency.
The Soft cap is at 30,000 ETH
Hard cap is at 90,000 ETH.
Total tokens :  500,000,000

Private Sale USD 0.65 (with bonus of20 %).

Public Pre-Sale
ROUND 1 at USD 0.75 (with bonus of 15 percent ),
ROUND 2: USD 0.85 (with bonus of 12%)
ROUND 3 at USD 0.95 (with bonus of 10%)

Public Sale
ROUND 1 in USD 1.05 (with bonus of 8%)
ROUND 2 in USD 1.15 (with bonus of 6.5percent )
ROUND 3 at USD 1.30 (with bonus of 5%)
ROUND 4 at USD 1.4 (with bonus of 5 percent )
ROUND 5 in USD 1.5 (with bonus of 5%)
ROUND 6 at USD 1.6 (with bonus of 5 percent ).

To join ico please visit link :  https://fxpay.io/fxpmember/login.php

For more information about FXPAY, please visit the following link:

Website: https://fxpay.io/
Whitepaper: https://fxpay.io/pdf/FXPAY_V.1.4.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3851151
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fxpayglobal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fxpayglobal/


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