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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Chynge- unveils blockchain-based remittance service (ICO review)

Hi friends, Digital technology has accelerated the development of financial inclusion for all people on earth, in this discussion I will discuss the project that offers a money transfer system, namely "Chynge" - an innovative electronic payment system that enables the safe implementation of cross cellular money transfers boundaries between countries with the ability to withdraw funds in local currency using cellular airtime.

Chynge provides safe and high-quality cash flow from customers with the latest technology participation in the field of payment, chynge provides the simplest and easiest to understand mechanism for

Chynge democratize and socialize which results in safe, instant, and no-cost money transmission, I assess the mobility of money transfers, which must be fast, comfortable and safe. aims

What is Chynge

Chynge is a decentralized application service to handle money transfers between countries. Chynge makes instant, free, and secure cross-border payments motivated by compliance and our smart blockchain. Chynge includes a typical multi-sided business obligation, where a large closed-loop payment system joins the sender and receiver.

Common problems

Cross-border obligations and remittances are slow and expensive significantly
Even though banks can move money for their clients, Immediately, they often benefit from holding the funds as their money, the cost of cross-border payments is burdened with the hidden costs of the Bank concerned, along with high service fees and large foreign exchange. and demand compliance with regulations Demands on banks encourage fees for transactions;

Chynge reduces the danger of cash-related arrangements being put into local communities that can be used for infrastructure development, education, health care, and social applications, to improve the lives of clients and their loved ones.

The Chynge Central Alternative will Execute three Important Options:
The procedure starts with the sender setting any quantity of legal tender on the Chynge remittance platform. The legal tender is subsequently converted into XCLP tokens that's listed on the dispersed ledger. The fixed amount of tokens are subsequently Transmitted around to the state of the receiver. The tokens are then converted to the local currency of the receiver, which is subsequently accumulated. The entire digitisation procedure for utilising blockchain technologies to ease obligations will be done on the rear of the machine, providing users without a understanding of cryptocurrencies and its own processes a frictionless experience. Especially, the foreign exchange currency ratio doesn't change as fluctuations in value are mitigated by trading on cryptocurrency markets.

Chynge has opened bank account in all of the target destination markets including local money, ensuring adequate liquidity to facilitate trades. This program allows for capital to stay within the states and removes additional time and cost when transmitting funds from nation to nation. This method also eliminates the possibility of currency depreciation.

Compliance helped by clever technology The machine monitors for many aspects like money laundering, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes, also creates a risk score for each user, and the machine can refresh itself with all updated data to create more precise decisions as time passes.

Chynge ICO

TOKEN Details
Token Title: Chynge Liquidity Pool Token
Token Symbol : CLPX
Token Sort: Payment Token
Issuance Number: 3.2B CLPX
ICO Tough Cap: 560M CLPX
1 BTC : 122,745 CLPX
1 ETH : 8,995 CLPX
1 XLM : 3.8245 CLPX
1 CLPX : 0.05 USD
Crowd Sale minimal buy: 0.040735 BTC
0.555865 ETH
1,307.3605 XLM
Crowd Sale maximum buy: 3.258790 BTC
44.469150 ETH
104,588.85 XLM
Buy CLPX together: BTC/ETH/XLM

May, 29 2018
Private Sale has ended
June, 28 2018
Crowdsale Start 00:00 GMT
Sept, 25 2018
Crowdsale Ends 23:59 GMT
Q4 2018
Product Release *CLPX can be traded and utilized in our product

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