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Friday, 27 July 2018

MOZO- solutions for small retailers (ICO REVIEW)

sales chain in the retail sector now drastically reduced influenced by the impact of the e-commerce business movement and factors that are not relevant such as services, tools and prices, small traders do not get access to the broad world of commerce, so they are difficult to form their sales chain because the access has been closed by large retailers

mozo project brings solutions for small retailers, they offer very simple retail entrepreneurs can easily promote their products or stores for retail entrepreneurs by presenting their products or stores to buyers or visitors with some tokens or tokens that seem strange and impossible,

mozo project includes the ecommerce area offers solutions to easily find and market its products in the physical store or online promotion and in the area where the promotion is made it will easily pull.Mozo has just started its rapid development, but even at this stage it has given many advantages to companies and projects that have implemented it and are implementing it.

The technology blockchain mozo in business this model can significantly improve efficiency and provide such advantages as transparency, accessibility, high speed and, most importantly, security. we can get solutions for many real problems in various industries and areas.

Mozo also use smart contrak in the form of mozo token interconnected in a business or shopping area will allow buyers to visit in various shopping areas will have a direct impact on product sales by providing shopping coupons based on promotions,

Detail ICO and token

In developing MOZO project to create a universal platform for attracting pedestrian traffic to physical stores, Mozo held ICO ceowdsale program, At the moment, the developers have updated the software to the version of Smart MOZO 2.1 (Mozo 2.1). The results of the implementation of the blocking technology will be Mozo version 3.0 ("Mozo 3.0"). Mozo 3.0 will be launched as an application in the global network of blockbuster Ethereum.

ICO crowdsale MOZO tokens will take place in 2 stages. The first stage will take place now, the second will begin in the 4th quarter of 2018.

Name of the token - MOZO
Total number of MOZO tokens: 5,000,000,000
Pre-sale: 08.05-10.07.2018
Public-sale: 11.07-18.07.2018
The price of the token at the 1st stage: 1 MOZO = $ 0.09
Number of tokens for sale at the 1st stage: 700,000,000
Type of the token - ERC20
 Platform - Ethereum
Hardcap of the 1st stage - $ 42,000,000
Payment - BTC, ETH
2-stage sale of tokens MOZO Q4 2018
Number of tokens for sale at the 2nd stage: 550.000.000
The price of the token at the 2nd stage: $ 0.12
Hardcap 2nd stage: $ 46,000,000

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