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Friday, 6 April 2018 the world of sports

GYM rewards is an app that will give us a pay just by exercising through GYM in the app.. The more you exercise at the GYM, the more GYM Coins you will earn.It's all real, whether you run, or squat, or do weight exercises, for any of your actions you will earn money. GYMreward Decentralized Proof of Exercise Blockchain with innovative mobile app that allows you to mine GYM cryptocurrency with your body.

GYM rewards developed a new type of blockchain. The POE (prove of work exercising). So while you are doing your workout you will be mining coins. The more you exercise, the more you earn. Now, you can make extra money on the GYM. There will be no middleman, just you and your sport APP (GYM REWARDS APP). After you won by your exercise, you can trade your coins at GYM REWARDS or you can exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

And if you want to organize any sporting event, you will be rewarded for this with the help of a referral program. Begin with, you approve your event on the GymRewards website, and then use your referral QRCode to give participants the downloading GymRewards application and after that, you will have 0.5% GYM from every one participant.
To give you an idea of how this platform will work, we’ll proceed to evaluate several points related to both cryptocurrencies in general and the specifics of the project.So, join us and learn how to mine cryptocurrency with your body :

Also, If you own the own gym, you can also earn on the referral program by providing your QRCode to your visitors.

For more details visit the following link:

The GYM Reward App and Token.

GYM Rewards, asymed in the US and comes in the form of an app that monitors your physical performance. The thing is, said tracking is done to give the aforementioned Proof of Exercise.The Proof of Exercise works by detecting when an app is located in one of the supported gyms. Then, it proceeds to monitor heartbeats to provide the Proof of Exercise and give out the mining rewards after a determined time of work is met.To make this possible, the app is divided into three parts:1. A heart rate monitor, to provide the evidence of your work.2. An exercise log, to help you evaluate and program your routines.3. And a cryptocurrency wallet, so you can keep the tokens you've earned.Additionally, the options available for you for mining cryptocurrencies with your body are divided into three:GYM Rewards Through Your Gym.

The standard use of the app and the easiest way to get paid for exercising. This option just requires you to visit your local gym (if it's partnered with the app) and start up the app.All you'll need is to acquire the GYM Rewards app and start the heart rate monitor.GYM Rewards for Events.You can become an event manager and submit events to the GYM Rewards website and try to get it approved. Once done so, you may download it and you will get it from the event.

GymRewards ICO?

Here we see a very interesting and promising sphere of sports, which covers a multibillion-dollar market and every year, the number of sportsmen and gyms only grows! GymRewards creates a really necessary application for athletes, which will interest more than 80% of sports people around the world. In the blockchain system, there will not be major miners like this done in many blockchain networks. GymRewards wants everyone to be equal and therefore each of us will be able to earn any number of tokens and all participants will support the blockchain network.
To finish funding for the platform, GYM Rewards is launching an Initial Coin Offering. Advantages include distribution of transaction fees among investors.

How to join ico:

Detail Ico and Token

Max Cam- 2,000,000,000
Token -GYM:
Start-March 2018:
Hard Cap-15,000 ETH
Soft Cap-100ETH
Project protocol: ERC20
Exchange Rate: 1GYM = 0.0001ETH

Distribution Tokens

5% - Long Term Reserve
5% - Core Team
4% -Airdrop and Bounties
3% - Advisors and Partnersh
10% -Token Sale
73% - App Mining Gym


More information about the project you can by the following links:

Official website:
My bountyhive account:
Telegram GymRewards:


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