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Sunday, 15 April 2018

ECEX EXCHANGE - Ziggurat Technology

Exchange word for those of you who play the world of cryptocurrency of course already familiar. this time comes a new exchange called ECEX Exchange. is it ECEX Exchange ??

let's talk about 6 minutes ahead. ECEX Exchange itself is a registered trademark of PlanetZiggurat. the current market where the trade and electronic financial services sector does not exist that offer the possibility of trading with claim systems, invoices and receivables agreements.
Market Receivables only knows trading with manual systems run by humans. no trading platform of receivables such as Stock Exchanges. but there are some startups companies such as eBay Online that can be done manually and human invoices and trades that are still based excel. which has no direct relationship with investors.

PlanetZiggurat's own goal is to provide a trading platform for ECEX Exchange. by creating a market environment and trading system with an active platform. with Assignment agreements this means a lot of greetings and documents such as claims, invoices and receivables agreements and others. the market system will be similar to the stock market. very transparent and cepan it will allow trading with claims system easier to be promoted. starting from what date the invoice was issued up to the date of payment. claim. with this system the invoices to be traded must fulfill all their obligations or be deleted. the owner of the invoice or claim may delete it at any time. because traders know. all markets work through leading online brokerage companies. PlannetZiggurat will deploy all relevant trading data to leading online brokerage companies. and will make arrangements that will get an existing investor community and connect with the new market.

Blockchain technology can be used to verify transactions using third parties.
there are three features to be used

1. Trading platform. Exchange for Claims Invoices and other subject for Assignments (all done simultaneously)

2. Exchange information through the broker community. PlanetZiggurat will launch a trading platform to show and teach team members and clients.

3. Blockchain dedicated to Digital Signature. (


A. Legal entity. Value and Monetization.
If viewed from a legal point of view. Assignment speaks rights and obligations mandated to other people. the right to claim money and other benefits to the assignor. there are three types of legal parties involved. namely creditor, debtor and vendor of trading platform provider.

ECEX-EXCHANGE is designed to have a built-in monetization model where Ziggurats is transferred to fiat currency. transaction fees will be charged to some Ziggurats as both the trustee and the investor will contribute to ECEX EXCHANGE's earnings. The transaction fee will be a stipulation imposed on each withdrawal in the GAME-LIKE, TRADER-LIKE feature where the investor competes for Assignment to invest. the winner will be the highest bid price for Assignment. Suply and Demand will be open for 24 hours. where the win will process it in accordance with Assignment for BID.EXEX EXCHANGE price will look like trading
Ecex.Exchange Funding and Roadmap
Ecex.Exchange Funding and Roadmap
As described above. the estonia market in the country will be the market for the launch of this project for reasons of low prices and operational costs. and ECEX Exchange alone will create an attractive price list with budgets for stages 1 and 2 of approximately 3.57 billion UEROs. and for Budget 3-4 will be outlined at the end of session 2.

Stage 1-2 December 2017 - April 2018

- The first stage depends on the license for one server- Trading Platform Development.- Jumio Netverify Integration- Depend Goes Live- Module Trading Platform- Server creation (Hosting Agreements)- Internal Stage Testing- ECEX Exchange Launched- Testing for customers
Stage 3-4 March 2018 - December 2019

1. Advanced development that will be planned to integrate the platform
Trade with storage with Signing Authority like Blockchain.2. Integration with external payment systems3. Smart contract integration and development works4.Integration with external system to exchange info. like example brokerages.5.Integration trading platform with global modulus6. Web-interface to online trading 7. mobile app 8. and first step to expand globally

PlanetZiggurat as main holder of ECEX EXCHANGE will distribute a token named ZIGGURAT Token. and token-making process to be governed by Smart Contracts running on ETHEREAL.Name TOKEN: ZIGTotal Supply Token: 531.000.000 ZIG Tokens that are not sold during ICO will be Burned.Maximum Targat: $ 53 the early stages the Token Ziggurat is in position 0.0004561163 ETH per 1 ZIG or 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG If the initial amount allocated to the general market will be sold before the end of the ICO Plan then. can be increased by reducing unplanned stocks for the initial distribution. 

Token distribution:

Foundation - 10%Partners - 7%Founders - 7%Advisors - 6%Bounty - 4%Token buyers - 66%.
The time period and the Bonus amount for the original token buyer during the token distribution phaseBonus amounts apply for single and non-cumulative transactions. Early Bird bonus: The first 100 buyers will get an additional bonus down from 100% to 1% meaning that if you are the first buyer it will get 100% bonus from your purchase. and the 100th buyer will get 1% bonus from the purchase amount. and any team members participating in this project may not participate in this Early Bird program.

Bounty program (% X out of the bounty pool):Facebook Campaign - 18%Twitter Campaign - 18%Bitcointalk Signatures Campaign - 20%Bitcointalk Support Campaign - 20%Publishing Campaign - 12%Project Creative Support - 12%
platform stock.

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