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Monday, 5 February 2018


the development of the world film industry is beginning to increase, Online platforms like Youtube and Vimeo have tried to satisfy the craving of viewers. But from a large number of films that aired on Youtube and Vimeo, only a small portion will appear in cinemas.
The existing conditions in the film and video industry are dreadfully alarming, Only a few movies out of the millions produced each year are given a chance in cinemas and film festivals, One way for the movie to go live in a movie theater is to advertise it, but the filmmaker will be overwhelmed with this. The result is a lot of quality films are reluctant to market their films because of the burden of costs borne, so the films will never get to the cinema..

I'm here to discuss about a new platform that aims to provide solutions to filmmakers and viewers


online Platform that lets you organize movie schedules, share movies, sell and share tickets with viewers from around the world. Like offline cinema but this is in a more revolutionary form again, so everyone connected to the internet network the opportunity to enjoy movies, such as the offline cinema. We will build an online cinema network that will connect the audience with each other, you can see and talk about the movie being played with other users. Filmmakers can retain audience statistical information, so they can invite them to provide feedback on the movies they’ve watched, so filmmakers can prepare more exciting movies for the next. introduces Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV), a new way of distributing video, which allows an unlimited number of online users to gather together and view the same video content in one virtual theater at the same time! This happens nowhere else in the world – not even on YouTube or Vimeo. This co-viewing experience is first of its kind. is the first social network of online cinemas in the world.

This network offers film makers an exceptional opportunity to distribute their films. It offers viewers the opportunity to view films with thousands of other viewers – a step further than what obtains in cinemas. Yes, you can even go to these online cinemas with friends even when they are far away! Such is the power of use Blockchain technology as the basis for our Platform development. Because Blockchain technology uses a system, where every transaction is recorded and can not be changed forever, so transaction security and transparency can be maintained and reduce the possibility of data fraud. We prefer to use Blockchain technology because this technology is more secure than ordinary technology today. Unlike conventional technology, Blockchain technology does not require a third party, so it's safer and cost-effective. uses advantage

.1. For filmmakers

Now the every film director can manage the rental of his movies. He registers the cinema and starts show his films. He has interesting tools, such as a ticket for the show that he can send to friends and acquaintances, or share on social networks inviting fans to visit his film. The advantage in the fact that the author of the film sees its audience, knows the reaction to his film, and as the author receives a full response.

2. For moviegoers
Now, anyone can watch the movie as well as in off-line movie theater - In addition, viewers have the opportunity to share as the ticket itself and opinion about the movie and find a new friend to go to the show, if I suddenly found that going to the movies has no one.

3. For film companies
The Social Network movie theaters provides a unique opportunity for film companies to announce the creation or the nearest exit of the new film.
Now, in one place at a certain time, they can make a start, such as the trailer of the next blockbuster.

It is only necessary just to announce the release of the trailer and collect in one theater even a million (or more) fans of this movie. This is an interesting feature, as there is an opportunity to gather fans (and by whom it will be interesting to get together) of a particular movie in one place at one time.

4. For festivals
For the festival provides a special place that can take advantage of every festival, as for the selection of films, and for the assessment, such as the nomination of "People's Choice Award."

5. For over businesses
Social network of cinemas allows private show, just for those who have tickets.

ICO Structure released 300,000,000 (300 million, 100%) ApplauseCash (APLC) tokens.
It is the plan that no additional APLC tokens will ever be released. 147,000,000 (147 million, 49%) APLC is alloted to be used inside the platform to pay viewers to watch movies, provide feedbacks, etc.
3,000,000 (3 million, 1%) is alloted to pre-ICO.
144,000,000 (144 million, 48%) is alloted to ICO. 3,000,000 (3 million, 1%) is alloted to advisory board.
3,000,000 (3 million, 1%) is alloted to bounty campaign.
According to our smart contract, all APLC will be distributed to pre-ICO, ICO, bounty participants and advisors on March 1, 2018.

ICO Offering size

144,000,000 APLC tokens (48% of all available APLC)
to be sold at special ICO price:
45% bonus - first hour of ICO (8-9 am EST, February 1, 2018)
40% bonus February 1 - 7          20% bonus February 16 - 21
30% bonus February 8 - 15        10% bonus February 22 - 28 

3,000,000 (3 million), 1% of all available APLC tokens, will go towards bounty promo campaign. These will be manually transferred to bounty participants.  

Token Distribution

SPECIAL OFFER for Investors of of 5 ETH+, please, email:  

Escrow Agent and Advisors


 RoadmapUntil now

Birth of idea, market analysis, developing existing (1.0) version, testing, participation in international film conferences and festivals, first and huge premiere of the movie 'The Gold' with $2 million budget


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