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Thursday, 7 December 2017



IndaHash Bounties

IndaHash is offering several bounties for help with promoting their project. The Bounty campaign will last from Oct 19th-Nov 29th and will include several opportunities for you to earn some tokens. Tho bounties are split into 5 different categories which include:


Payout for all bounties will happen after the ICO ends. Tokens will be distributed within 1 week of ICO

Must follow IndaHash
Must have 200 friends minimum
Must share content 3 times per week
Must post all links shares in this thread
300 max participants
All shares must be posted by wednesday 23:59 Forum time to be counted
No ranking up

200-499 friends 300 IDH/week
500+ friends 600 IDH/week

How to apply
Fill out this FORM

Must follow indaHash
Minimum 300 followers
Twitter account must be 3 months old
Must make 3 retweets per week
must make 2 original tweets per week
Must use # in your tweet #ETH #BTC #indaHash
Must post all tweets/retweets in this thread.
All tweets/retweets must be posted by wednesday 23:59 Forum time to be counted
300 max participants
No ranking up

300-2499 friends 300 IDH/week
2500+ friends 600 IDH/week

How to join
Fill out this FORM

This will be split into 2 sections. Videos and blogs.

Youtube Videos Rules

Videos must be at least 1 minute 30 seconds
Videos must be uploaded to your youtube channel
You must have at least 200 subscribers
Links to IndaHash must be added to description
Link to your bitcointalk profile should also be added to your video description to verify you are the author
All videos should be in English and the voice should be clear. Low quality videos will not be accepted

Medium quality 1500 IDH
High Quality 3000 IDH

Blog and Articles Rules
All content must be original, cannot be copied from others
All articles must contain a link to the Website
All articles must contain a link to Whitepaper
All articles should be a minimum of 500 words

1500 IDH if a quality article
I will decide whats quality and what is not

How to join
Post all links to blogs and videos in this thread. The videos and blogs I deem are quality will be added to the spreadsheet. Links to all spreadsheets will be found below


Everyone who joins will earn 300 IDH
1 time payout this is not weekly

How to join

Translation Campaign

Rules for translations
No google translator threads will be accepted. Must be good quality
You must also moderate your thread
Users that do not moderate their thread will receive 0 compensation
Users will re responsible for updating their threads with latest news from indaHash
News and updates and content needing translated can be found in the ANN thread

Each qualifying translation will earn 6000 IDH

How to join
Post interest in a translation here in this thread. Translations we are interested in we will contact the user. If you are contacted fill out this FORM
Languages needed and who has them reserved


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