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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Open Money


Introducing Open Money: Powering Blockchain Acceptance for Mainstream App Developers

At Open Money we believe the mainstream consumer app (both web and mobile apps) space is long overdue for a giant leap forward. That leap has come in the form of the blockchain.
However in order for mainstream apps to make that leap, the challenges of monetization and distribution on the blockchain in addition to convoluted app store policies on receiving cryptocurrency must be solved for developers.
In other words, incentives in the form of basic infrastructure need to be in place for mainstream software developers to come to the blockchain. Developers understand the opportunity is clear, for there is currently over $100 billion in liquid cryptocurrency within two currencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) alone. However, App Stores aren’t making it easy for app developers to accept these cryptocurrencies. There are no easy developer friendly tools for monetization (i.e. the acceptance of cryptocurrency) and distribution for their software that fit into the developer’s native development infrastructure.
An Opportunity — Built by Developers, For Developers.
To support the realization of this vision, Open Money is launching the OPEN Platform an initiative to provide mainstream software developers the infrastructure ground work and ecosystem they need to begin accepting the blockchain. Open Money’s team’s mission is to foster the acceptance of the blockchain by mainstream software.
Open Money plans to provide this in the form of a REST API and SDK based Platform, aka the OPEN Platform, which will provide developers with key core products that will enable them to break into the blockchain and break free of convoluted app stores cryptocurrency acceptance policies. The OPEN Platform’s API will solve monetization both on the blockchain and off the blockchain for developers looking to accept cryptocurrencies in their user accounts architecture, to port smash hit proven products into stand alone cryptocurrency applications and to distribute solely on the basis of cryptocurrency.
A Tale of Two Markets & The Open Money Story
Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two unique cryptocurrencies currently hold over a $100 billion combined market cap. This value is extremely incentivizing to app developers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the overlapping demographic behind app developers and cryptocurrency owners.


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